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May 24 2011

More Flooding

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Even more water was predicted today. Up to 6 more feet, from what I hear. Flood stage is around 2 more feet. The river is proving just how much of an insurmountable force nature can be. So after work, we were back to it.

I now have multi-dimensions of pain in my muscles. I should probably think about increasing my life insurance if I need to keep this up too much longer. Some one should at least profit from me being driven into the ground.

If anything, this is just eating away any desire I would have to live on the water. Well, maybe not totally, but it might have to be one of those nice man made lakes that are regulated. Seems a better way to go.

Pictures of the flood can be found here. Twitter updates can be found here.

Yesterday’s song didn’t seem to help so instead of a song about rain causing a flood, today I’m gonna go with a song about a drought. Couldn’t hurt right?

Warning, if you have a known allergy to 80′s metal hair bands, you might not want to listen.


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Aug 18 2008

Bring Us Your Ugly and Disfigured Masses

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Of course “beauty-disadvantaged” is a nice word to use too. (link here)

Eventually I’ll make a real post, but in the mean time, I’ll just regurgitate content.


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Apr 21 2008

“Sure I thought it was wrong, but hey, WTF?”

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“the couple is being monitored”


I can laugh at this because I don’t know them. Ok, let’s be serious. I’ld probably still laugh.


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Feb 05 2008

Happy Lunar New Year

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I really wanted to embed this, but I couldn’t find the code, so linky, linky, linky.


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Jan 28 2008

Just to Pick on Zooks

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Proof positive that Nickelback is in fact so NOT HOT that the sound of them can extinguish fire.


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Jan 25 2008

I Always Wondered What That Helmet Doc Brown Wore Did

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Helmet for Alzheimers

Well, you can either be Crazy or look like a dork. The choice is yours, but I think it’s clear. Crazy people have more fun anyway. By the looks of those dudes in the picture, it seems there is about an 86% chance that this device will also remove those unsightly strands of protein that grown on the top of your head too.


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