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May 23 2011


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There is no other way to explain it. I’m tired. Exhausted.

My code monkey hands were not meant for hard labor. But that’s what the day called for. My boss left work this morning at 9 am after he got a call that water was up to his driveway. I got an email in the afternoon asking for help for sand bagging. So I came home, changed, picked up TJ and we went out to try and ready his home for the rising water.

Normally North Dakota is a fairly arid place. Little moisture and certainly not the place you normally have to concern yourselves of with flooding. The last few years have changed that. Unfortunately for my boss, he has to wait it out for a few more weeks as the snow melt from the mountains continue to cause issue. There is flooding down the river on the Mississippi and they have tried to keep the water back but it sounds like if they don’t do controlled releases, they will soon be uncontrolled which is worse for everyone down the Missouri and then to the Mississippi.

This is a short post cause, frankly, I’m too tired for much else. Gonna just post a song that I couldn’t help think about while we filled bags and built walls.


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May 22 2011

Tick Tick Boom

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Last night we went to the BisMan Bombshellz first bout in Bismarck. Being a busy weekend and kids were all over the place, we weren’t certain we could make it but we found a way to make it work.

I haven’t heard much advertisement other than through friends, so I wasn’t sure what to expect for a turn out. When we got to the VFW, the parking lot closely rivaled the full load from a Bobcat’s games. We almost regretted not getting our tickets early. That ended up being a non-issue. The setup they have I think they could support twice as many spectators as they can at the Bobcat’s games.

I’m going to be honest. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I really don’t know much about Roller Derby short of a few 5 minute ESPN segments and that episode of Psych where Juliet goes undercover to infiltrate a roller derby crime team. Not to say that all derbiers (I don’t know what they technical like to be called) are deliquents and criminals. I haven’t even seen Whip It yet (but it is on my netflix queue behind a few Hitchcock movies).

Truth be told, right now I’m kinda hoping that idea of derbiers not being violent felons is true. I’m also hoping they don’t mind being called derbiers in case I’m wrong. A few of those girls really look like they could hurt me beyond what I would consider my acceptable pain threshold for a deserved beating. It’s probably best to just try and avoid the subject and move on.

I did try to get some pictures at the event, but the lighting wasn’t allowing that possible from the bleachers. I likely could have gotten some good shots from the “suicide seating” down next to the ring, but I think the potential of coming back to the bleachers after leaving my wife with 4 kids would have put me into a situation I mentioned above in which the pain I was owed was beyond what I was comfortable facing. I will look through the pictures and see if I can “salvage” a few of them and post them online.

Speaking of the “suicide seats”, it took me most of the way through the first bout to distinguish WTF he was saying concerning them. I wasn’t sure if he was saying “Get the f’ off the floor” or “come on down”. Eventually, I grasped the point he was trying to convey was “Get your kids off the floor so we don’t get sued when your child inevitably gets bashed in the face by a wayward skate”. Understandable. Others must have had similar difficulty understanding the announcers as I saw tons of people leading their kid to certain disfigurement. Either that or after properly weighed the risks and rewards of the action and logically determined being that much closer to the skaters would be a much larger mark on that child’s life than the potential of having a skate wheel divot permanently branded on their child’s forehead. Sound call, there, bucko.

The crowd really didn’t seem to get into it for the first bout. I’m not sure if it was apathy, confusion, a lack of appropriate alcohol having been consumed, or something else I have yet to consider, but they was a marked difference between the two bouts in terms of fan participation. I didn’t mind as it gave me an opportunity to try and figure out how it worked.

As for the kids, while I don’t think there is anything wrong with it for the kids, my younger kids had difficulty grasping the subtleties of the scoring mechanics. It’s easy to understand “When the ball goes through the hoop, they score points”. It’s a bit more difficult to understand “When the girl with the star on her head passes all all the apposing team the first time, they score a point for each apposing player there after”. It basically meant I heard a lot of “Why are they cheering?”.

They still enjoyed coming out, but I don’t think they want to be season ticket holders. At least until they are able to comprehend a multifaceted system of scoring consisting of following intervals of occurrences on the field covered with 10 bodies speeding around an oval and colliding like they are being forced through a large hadron collider. Kids. What are you gonna do?

All in all, I had a good time and was glad I was able to go. I think it is something that would be fun to go with a group of friends and maybe if I can get on the floor, have a chance to get some pictures worth posting. Sans kids.

PS. If you are a derbier but find the term “derbier” unsavory, please spare my pretty face and just tell me what else to use. I mean no disrespect.


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May 21 2011

The Accidental Sea

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Today was a busy day for me and I kinda forgot about making a post, so this one is kind of weak. I really don’t want to fail only 3 days into my challenge though. Gotta go the distance a bit.

I have posted this on my twitter already, but it’s just such a well put together piece that it’s worth the extra bit of exposure.

(via Ransom Riggs)


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May 17 2011

30 Days

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I’ve been slacking off a bit with posting here. Not that anything bad happens when I do that, unless you count guilt as a bad thing. This is an attempt to change that. There really isn’t a big subject for this blog. It’s basically just a grab bag of whatever I want. There is a purpose to it though. The whole goal was to practice writing. It’s something that I want and need to keep (or more likely, try to get) proficient at. Writing isn’t different than anything else: drawing, photography, sports. The more you do it, the better you should get at it. That’s the theory, anyway. Trying to exercise my brain to be in the writing mode.

So basically, this is like going to the gym, except I can do it from my couch and my laptop. Well, I’ve been slacking with my “exercise”. Gotta break the habit.

Matt Cutts gave a short talk at the Ignite session at Google IO this year discussing 30 day challenges. This isn’t a new concept. Try and build habits by spending 30 days doing it to build that habit.

So that’s what I’m going to try and do. This is day 1. Get ready for (hopefully) 29 more days of whatever I can muster up onto my word press textarea and have the courage to press publish on. It won’t be Pulitzer Prize winning material. I can promise you that. But hopefully, I will successfully complete my challenge.


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Mar 06 2011

Living With a Toddler

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With 5 kids, it’s no big surprise that most areas of our house are typically a disaster area. Today it was the kitchen. Amy had all the kids out of the house so I attempted to address some of the damage.

On the kitchen table were crumbs of cinnamon cereal that the oldest thoughtfully left out. The youngest took this as an open invitation to help herself. Nothing surprising there, but the aftermath was less than amusing. The oldest “cleaned” up the mess since he played an integral part in this scenario. Of course, by clean up, we meant just brush the majority of it off the visible surfaces off and certainly didn’t actual intend for any one to break out the heavy duty tools like a broom or a wash cloth, but whatever.

While I was sweeping a wash cloth over the table, I ran across a particularly stubborn section of crumbs. Didn’t think much of it since there was a great deal of sugar in the crumbs and just assumed that it was some crusted over stuff that had gotten wet. Then I noticed the elmer’s glue bottle dangling precariously over the edge of the counter. Cap still open. Closer inspection verified my Sherlock Holmes like deductions that the cereal was in fact, very literally glued to the table.


I was fortunate enough to catch it prior to it fully setting so it wasn’t like chipping away at cement, but it wasn’t pleasant either. Most of our stuff can easily be described as “old, piece of crap ____” and our kitchen table is no exception, but it still doesn’t mean that I was gonna leave the fruits of this day’s learning experience to be a reminder for the rest of the table’s life. Around here, that may not be that long but one can hope.


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Feb 11 2011

Found It!

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Maybe it was cause I was tired last night or maybe it was because I was giving it too much thought. Either way while I was distracted with work this morning, I had a moment of clarity where I recalled a couple of the lyrics to that song I was trying to track down last night.

It’s not an awesome song but I think it’s tolerable. Seldom do we get awesome songs stuck in our heads. Songs that get stuck are like parasitic viruses burrowing into your soul until you want to rip your ears off, but you know that won’t help CAUSE IT’S IN YOUR MIND!

Low and behold (note to self to look up what that expression actually means), I was at least right about the “circles” in the name. So here you have it. The song that has been eating at my brain for the last couple of days. Hopefully it torments you as much as it has me: Soul Coughing – “Circles”


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