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May 22 2011

Tick Tick Boom

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Last night we went to the BisMan Bombshellz first bout in Bismarck. Being a busy weekend and kids were all over the place, we weren’t certain we could make it but we found a way to make it work.

I haven’t heard much advertisement other than through friends, so I wasn’t sure what to expect for a turn out. When we got to the VFW, the parking lot closely rivaled the full load from a Bobcat’s games. We almost regretted not getting our tickets early. That ended up being a non-issue. The setup they have I think they could support twice as many spectators as they can at the Bobcat’s games.

I’m going to be honest. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I really don’t know much about Roller Derby short of a few 5 minute ESPN segments and that episode of Psych where Juliet goes undercover to infiltrate a roller derby crime team. Not to say that all derbiers (I don’t know what they technical like to be called) are deliquents and criminals. I haven’t even seen Whip It yet (but it is on my netflix queue behind a few Hitchcock movies).

Truth be told, right now I’m kinda hoping that idea of derbiers not being violent felons is true. I’m also hoping they don’t mind being called derbiers in case I’m wrong. A few of those girls really look like they could hurt me beyond what I would consider my acceptable pain threshold for a deserved beating. It’s probably best to just try and avoid the subject and move on.

I did try to get some pictures at the event, but the lighting wasn’t allowing that possible from the bleachers. I likely could have gotten some good shots from the “suicide seating” down next to the ring, but I think the potential of coming back to the bleachers after leaving my wife with 4 kids would have put me into a situation I mentioned above in which the pain I was owed was beyond what I was comfortable facing. I will look through the pictures and see if I can “salvage” a few of them and post them online.

Speaking of the “suicide seats”, it took me most of the way through the first bout to distinguish WTF he was saying concerning them. I wasn’t sure if he was saying “Get the f’ off the floor” or “come on down”. Eventually, I grasped the point he was trying to convey was “Get your kids off the floor so we don’t get sued when your child inevitably gets bashed in the face by a wayward skate”. Understandable. Others must have had similar difficulty understanding the announcers as I saw tons of people leading their kid to certain disfigurement. Either that or after properly weighed the risks and rewards of the action and logically determined being that much closer to the skaters would be a much larger mark on that child’s life than the potential of having a skate wheel divot permanently branded on their child’s forehead. Sound call, there, bucko.

The crowd really didn’t seem to get into it for the first bout. I’m not sure if it was apathy, confusion, a lack of appropriate alcohol having been consumed, or something else I have yet to consider, but they was a marked difference between the two bouts in terms of fan participation. I didn’t mind as it gave me an opportunity to try and figure out how it worked.

As for the kids, while I don’t think there is anything wrong with it for the kids, my younger kids had difficulty grasping the subtleties of the scoring mechanics. It’s easy to understand “When the ball goes through the hoop, they score points”. It’s a bit more difficult to understand “When the girl with the star on her head passes all all the apposing team the first time, they score a point for each apposing player there after”. It basically meant I heard a lot of “Why are they cheering?”.

They still enjoyed coming out, but I don’t think they want to be season ticket holders. At least until they are able to comprehend a multifaceted system of scoring consisting of following intervals of occurrences on the field covered with 10 bodies speeding around an oval and colliding like they are being forced through a large hadron collider. Kids. What are you gonna do?

All in all, I had a good time and was glad I was able to go. I think it is something that would be fun to go with a group of friends and maybe if I can get on the floor, have a chance to get some pictures worth posting. Sans kids.

PS. If you are a derbier but find the term “derbier” unsavory, please spare my pretty face and just tell me what else to use. I mean no disrespect.


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May 19 2011

Quarterback Stats

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I have to say I have become really demoralized when I think of the state the NFL is currently. This bickering between the owners and the former players association can only be compared to a divorce going very badly. Both sides fighting and pointing fingers isn’t nearly as fun as watching teams battle on the gridiron.

I’m trying to look past that. I’m certain they will find a way to get games played and come to some sort of agreement. It’s a multi billion dollar sport and I have hope that people aren’t that stupid to just throw that away. Where there is money, there’s a way. In that hope, I have been looking at stats to hopefully help once the family fantasy football league inevitably starts up again this fall. I found an opinion article by some arm chair writer on the bleacher report ranking the active QB’s. I didn’t put much stake in such articles, but they are still entertaining to read.

What I did, though, was start to look at some of the stats of all the active quarterbacks who are coming into this season. Specifically, I was looking at the career TD passes to interception ratio. In any football league, this can mean a huge deal when trying to pick who is going to be your big stud to lead you to victory. Not that it has helped me in recent years, but let’s just call that variance and ignore that bit for now.

This is what I found out though. There are 5 active quarterbacks who have a career TD pass to interception ratio of at least 2:1. 4 of them, I doubt any one would be surprised at and many people probably wouldn’t have much trouble guessing. The last one surprised me a bit.

These are the ones that are likely easy to guess:
Tom Brady
Peyton Manning
Philip Rivers
Aaron Rodgers

Right there you have 4 of the likely first 7 QB’s to be picked in any league. There are a couple of players like Brees and Vick who narrowly missed this list that would be in the mix too.

The last name missing from this list is Donovan McNabb. For all the ungrateful complaints from the Eagles fans, they owe a lot of their success over the years to McNabb, but he isn’t really what you would think of as a top tier QB. On paper, he is right up there with just about any one as this stat proves. Does that mean I’m going to bump him up on my draft list? Probably not too much unless he goes somewhere favorable. To be honest, I thought the Redskins would have been as favorable as any spot. Shannahan and Reid run similar offenses and both are typically QB friendly. Maybe he’s just getting old and has reached the end of his career.

What do these stats mean? Possibly nothing. Seneca Wallace nearly made this list, for fuck sake. And there probably should be some attempt qualifier for this since Stephen McGee (who the fuck is that?) technically also made this list with 2 TD’s and no Ints but that is statistically irrelevant (only 44 attempts). Or maybe he’s a wasted asset riding the pine behind Romo.

Truth is, they likely mean a ton but they are only a piece of the puzzle. There are a bunch of other details that affect this as well. Unfortunately, data isn’t always easy to access. If some one knows of an open database or even spreadsheets where I could make my own, I would love to do more of this. Statistical analysis may sound boring, but you can do some cool things with it if you look for the right stuff.

Gotta do what I can to get that edge in the fantasy football league.


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Jan 20 2009

A Video Representation of My Life…

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Ok. I’m being a bit over dramatic. While not that bad, sometimes it feels like it. Haven’t felt much like posting lately, but that’s going away.

More to come. I’m sure you are all eagerly waiting with bated breath.


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Nov 30 2008

Shanny’s Guarantee

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As I eagerly devoured all the preseason Broncos news this summer, there were 3 predictions I ran across that were made by various members of the Broncos organization.

Selvin Young, who had at that time not even secured the starting halfback spot, said he was gonna run for 2000 yards this season. Not a record breaking goal, but still a lofty one which has only been achieved 5 times (once by another Denver running back). With 3/4 of the season done, how’s he doing? Well, he started out sharing time at the beginning of the season which seriously hampered his opportunities. Then he, and every other RB on Denver’s roster, got injured. At least he isn’t done for the season and should return soon after missing 6 games on the season so far. With not even 300 yards on the season, I think his goal is out of reach for the remaining 4 games.

Then Denver’s very own trouble magnet, Brandon Marshall, stated he was targeting 140 receptions on the year. Again, not the record but is only 4 receptions shy. He did this at a point when it still looked like he would be missing multiple games at the beginning of the season due to suspension. He ended up only missing 1 game and in his first game of the year, he tied the second most receptions for a receiver in a game with 18 and looked like he might make true on his goal in his third year. This was the first year as THE GUY though. Pressure and attention from other teams quickly stifled that dream and he now sits with 72 receptions on the year just over half his goal. He still does have a reasonable chance at back to back 100 reception seasons which is a very admirable feat.

Now brings us to the third and most crucial. Mike Shanahan had an interview this summer where he GUARANTEED the broncos would make the playoffs this year. Denver had missed the playoffs the last 2 years. This is definitely a lot more achievable than the other 2 personal goals, but given the recent results, seemed to be a significant achievement none the less.

Teams like to break down the season into quadrants. And since we just finished the 3rd, it would be a good time to break down them:

Games 1-4: Denver came out of the gate with a 3-1 record only slipping against the division rival Chiefs. The offense looked hot and they got a few breaks. I definitely was high on them at this point.

Games 5-8: They went 1-3 looking, at times, to be outclassed and I feared a similar result to 2007 when they started out 3-1 and missed the playoffs. They did beat a tough Bucs team, but little else to rave about and one game ( at New England ) which I’m sure made more than just me want to hide our orange and blue colors.

Games 9-12: Despite starting the year at .500, Denver still topped the AFC West. Football inept division FTW. But the downward spiral couldn’t continue if they wanted to stay that way. Fortunately, the 3rd quarter of the season looked very similarly to the 1st going 3-1 and only loosing a rough game to another bad divisional opponent. But they are putting up the points again and winning the close games.

To make things better, the second place team, the Chargers, have faltered as of late and Denver has increased their divisional lead on them by 3 games. What looked like it would be a very pivotal game at the end of the year with the Chargers, might fizzle into meaninglessness (pretty sure that’s a word). To make things even better, Denver (as well as a handful of other teams) have an opportunity to make Shanny’s guarantee come true if they win and the Chargers lose. Any way you look at it, Denver is in a really good spot with a 3 game lead and only 4 games remaining.

I really hope to see that happen so that Denver has time to work on some of the inconsistent parts of their game. I don’t know that I have a lot of faith in them going deep or any where in the playoffs as they have been so far this year. 3 of their losses have been to losing teams and their play can be called anything but consistent. Hopefully I haven’t jinxed them in what should be all but a sure thing. I really am looking forward to caring about the playoffs again.


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Sep 23 2008

Three And Oh

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I haven’t been able to say that since 2003. The Denver Broncos are 3 – 0. So far, it’s been pretty exciting following them too. Denver also has a really good shot to go 4 – 0 when they go up against a struggling Chiefs team. Yeah, yeah. I know they got lucky last week, but just like in a lot of things, it takes some luck for things to go your way to make a good run.

To make it even better, there hasn’t been any shortage of action either. Denver has scored a league best 114 points so far this year showing the type of offense that hasn’t been seen in Denver since their Super Bowl years of last decade.

I’ve seen it stated a few times that 3 – 0 teams finish in the playoffs better than 75% of the time. That’s good for Shanahan who promised this summer that the Broncos would make the playoffs. Which is also good for me as it’s been 2 years since I’ve cared about the post season. I’m still excited about the potential of this season… but it’s a long season.

Unfortunately their success has not rubbed off on me. I’m in 2 fantasy football leagues this year. In both my family keeper league and some small league of coworkers, I am 0 – 3. The small league is really too small to take too seriously so I’m not to torn up about that one. With only 6 people and every one having good players, some people are just gonna get lucky and others aren’t.

What has really bothered me are my results in the family league. 3 losses, all 3 I’ve lost against the highest scorer of the week. It’s like I’m my own cooler. Combine that with me losing my keeper QB (Brady) and WR (Colston) to injuries, it hasn’t been a good year. Even despite that, I’ve done alright. In week 2, I was the second highest scorer for the week, but that does you little good when facing the top scorer. Sigh

My fantasy football woes aside, I am still far more stoked about Denver’s success. I would be more than happy to lose the pool for the success of the Broncos. It would be worth the entry fee for me. I wouldn’t mind it if I didn’t have to though…


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Jun 16 2008

Yeah, This Will Help That Dumb Jock Stereotype

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In response to how he’s healing from his accident and subsequent surgery:

“I can do everything with my right hand that I was doing before the accident but I’m still wiping my butt with my left hand,” Marshall said. (via

Less than 3 months away before the kickoff of the new season. No matter which hand Brandon is wiping with, I can’t wait for the season opener with the Raiders.


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