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Feb 28 2007

New Nephew

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Congrats to Jerry and Leila! And happy birthday to Trae.

Trae Hauck


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Feb 28 2007

4″ and Counting

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According to the weather service, we are destined to get up to another 10″ of snow over the next couple of days on top of the 4″ we have gotten so far. Nothing compared to what many places have gotten, but it still slows us down. At least it isn’t cold. I can deal with the snow and yeah, it slows down driving and yeah I have to use twice as much gas cause I needed to use 4 wheel drive for the 3rd time this year, but at least I can stay reasonably warm. So we will see just how much we end up getting and maybe we will be able to get one more sledding extravaganza in this winter.

As a side note, illness hasn’t completely rid itself of our house. While all the kids seem to be pretty healthy at the moment and my lingering cough has subsided, Amy has come down with a nasty sore throat and didn’t sound well this morning. I almost want to be home just so I can see her try and discipline the daycare with practically no voice. ALMOST.


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Feb 26 2007

’06 Holdem Recap

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My windows PC was a recent addition in my computer arsenal. I mostly got it because it’s easier to do certain things I wanted to do as far as poker goes. Well, Amy got it for me for that reason. I had another statistics program that I used on my mac when I played at the ongame sites (poker room and holdem poker) and that program would download all the html files from the online hand history. I wanted to combine the stats I had from full tilt to get an overall view of how I did so I needed to get those into poker tracker. Unfortunately poker tracker couldn’t import the html files as they were. Fortunately, ongame used the same format for their html version as they did their text version that poker tracker was accustomed to importing. So I had to write a script to reformat it.I’m not particularly proficient at bash scripting, but I stumbled on a link that told about lynx’s dump command that would render the html and then dump the viewed text. Just what I needed in fact and would save me tons of time trying to figure out how to strip out the html information from the files. Bash was used to control the files to be changed, and then I used lynx to render and dump the viewed text and finally a sed format change the last little bit of formatting issues. 14 lines of code and 15k html files converted later, I was ready to import them into poker tracker. There were 15k hands that I had but only around 12k were imported. Some were dupes from successful prior tests, but that only accounted for a handful. Most were skipped since my tracking program on my mac would allow for tournament hands but poker tracker didn’t for ongame hands. That wasn’t a big deal since I never really found a good use for tourney hand histories anyway, other than bragging, plus I was mostly a cash game player. Unfortunately, I’m missing a fair amount of hands from holdem poker since my mac tracking program required a license for each site. I thought that was ridiculous, so just tracked the 1000 hands it allowed for the trial. I’m probably missing another 5k hands from there and maybe another $200 in profit. At least from this point forward, it should be accurate.

So, here is my chart from ’06 sans a few hands:

Holdem chart for '06

Around the 11k mark, I assume was when I made the jump to the $100 nlhe games. I ran really well in the 5 handed games they had at ongame and that last little slide on the end actually represents the relatively few hands I played at full tilt since I moved there full time in the middle of October. At that point, I was mostly playing omaha though and killing that game at the time. The last little jump up of around 250 hands is mostly from stars which the games seem to be more like the ones I found at ongame. I think I might like holdem at stars, which is good cause the omaha games there were torching me.

Well, this post doesn’t really hold much in the way of anything interesting, it’s more to just keep a record of some of my results and this chart showed around $750 in holdem. It missed a couple hundred from holdem poker and doesn’t include my omaha stats (I really would like to be able to get my ongame hand histories for omaha, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen). So I made around $1k in holdem for the year, $1k in a mansion promo, probably around $500 in tourney winnings including a freeroll win for around $250 and a couple of small omaha MTT final tables for another $200, and likely another $800 in omaha (as I said, I wish I had those stats), with the rest coming in the form of bonuses and such which totalled in the $800 range too. I wasn’t much of a bonus whore and was only doing small ones at the beginning of the year. Actually ongame pulling out hurt me the most there as I pulled out before I completed a bonus I mostly had done at poker room and bailed on the $750 in stacked up bonuses I had at holdem poker (they didn’t expire so I tried to complete other ones first). that brings me up to the close to $4000 I made last year. Most of that coming the second half of the year. Hopefully I can try and keep pace with that this year.

I had a pretty successful year, going all the way from the $25 games to the $100 games around August. It also allowed me to cash some out but I still have close to $2500 in online sites currently. I will probably keep it there so that I’m more then adequately rolled for the $50 games that I’ve been playing lately. I didn’t meet a lot of my goals for the year (I wanted to be playing the $200 games by December) but some of that was a little out of my control with changes that happened in the poker world. Hopefully things get better since there aren’t a lot of people who can make a decent profit from their hobby.


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Feb 24 2007

Home Game Hijinx

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Last night I played in the home game again. A few people we thought would show didn’t, but a few I didn’t expect showed. We played 4 handed for a bit until one of the unexpected people showed, Mark. I hadn’t played with Mark in a while, but we had a history of him making all in moves on me in the past and was a pretty loose player. He played pretty well and made a lot of good calls against me. He definitely has changed his game since I last played with him (probably more than 8 months ago).

The first significant hand was with I was dealt AQo in MP and raised to my typical .60 (it’s a .10/.20 game remember). Mark, who is directly to my right, is the only caller. Flop was AK7 with 2 hearts. I bet out .90 and Mark raised to 1.90. He had been raising small like that quite a bit, which I wasn’t used to seeing in his game. Last time he did that was when he had AT on a ten high flop, so I needed to figure out if he had a hand. I make a real raise of $4 more after a lot of deliberation as far as pot size and such goes. Mark thinks for like 3 seconds and pushes in. Well, if I raised for information, I was getting all the information I was going to get. To be honest, the 2 hands I was worried about were A7 and 77. I hated to do it, but I layed it down even though past experience with Mark allowed him to have a variety of hands. Being it’s a friendly game, he showed his hand of KK which I didn’t expect with his preflop play. So I rebought another $10 to get be back a little over $20.

A few hands later, I lay have to make another lay down vs Scott when I decided to slow play in a very poorly played pot by me. I was OOP in the BB with A9s when Scott raised from the button. His raise from the button meant nothing more than he had 2 cards. Especially since the tightest player at the table was to my left and in the SB. To make a short story short, Scott bet out when I checked my 2 pair on the turn, I just called, and he hit a Q on the river to complete his gutshot. I check, folded – again hating to do it. He showed his KJ when the hand was over. A few hands later, again in the BB, I flop 2 pair on a T76 flop with my T7 in a family pot. Rich check/called me and was the only other player to see the turn. The crappiest card for me to see came on the turn which was a 9 and this time he lead into me. I thought for a while, but again, since he was typically the tightest player at the table, I had to really consider how well I’m doing in this hand. I end up folding knowing there are few cards that make me feel good about my hand on the river. The problem I had was that he bet 1.20 into a pot that was like 2.50, but could easily have had T8 or T9 or even slow played his 89 on the flop. I fold and he shows his AT, but I don’t really feel bad about my play.

Then comes a whole series of hands that don’t work for me, I am in the BB again, this time with 85 and 3 to the flop. Flop comes JT9 and I check. Mark bets .5 into what was likely a .60 or .70 pot. It folds to me and I instantly call to see if I improve to my str8. Probably not the best call in the world, but that’s ok. A blank comes on the turn, a low card like a 4 or something and it goes check/check. A J comes on the river and I check to see what Mark does. He again makes a .50 bet and I almost instantly make it $2 since it looked like a weak move. If he had a J, I’m certain he woulda bet the turn. He does take a bit to think about it and then makes some speech about how he will give me the money. I instantly fold and he shows his Ten and I think his other card was a 7. Busted play.

We had been having a lot of straddled and restraddles pots, and this pot was a straddled pot. I was in the straddle and 2 players called the straddle. There was $1.50 in the pot and no one has showed any aggression. I decide to make a play at that pot and make it $2 to go. Mark is the only one who calls my $1.60 raise. Flop comes a gorgeous QQQ and I bet out $4 leaving me with a little more than $7 behind. Mark thinks forever and then finally folds since I really hadn’t been making many moves. I show my T3 and take down the pot. He just laughs and said he had K8s. I was like, what were you thinking about when I bet that flop? Or even preflop for that matter? Sigh. So much for him being a tighter player.

Mark told us around 10:45 that he was gonna leave at 11. It was like 5 minutes until and I got QQ. Seriously, this was my first pocket pair until then and we started around 8. I was in the BB again. Mark had the straddle and 2 other players call, so just like the previous hand I wrote, I made it $2. This time Mark makes it $1.70. Barely a min raise since my raise was a $1.60 raise. After a discussion on whether that was a legit raise (one player thought it needed to be double the previous bet, not previous raise), I deliberate with my options. I only have $8 and change left if I call and the pot would be around the right size that he would have to call. I’m pretty sure I’m good right here, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to gamble to double up or make a move at the pot after the flop. I decide to go for it after the flop. The flop was all low buy coordinated being 567 with 2 of a suit. I think for a moment and push into what was like an $8 pot. Mark thought forever even calling out my hand as likely being QQ. He folded showing his AKs. With all the thinking that went on during the hand, it was past 11 and he cashed out with $1 profit. They fished the turn and river with the river being a K. Glad he folded.

So we were 4 handed a bit until Jeff (who I hadn’t been involved with all night) ended up calling a push by Scott on a hand with a lot of action pre and post flop. I was surprised to see both hands. It was KT for Jeff vs AK for Scott on a QJx flop. Jeff didn’t improve and didn’t reload, but he dealt for a bit.

My last holdem hand was another with me in the BB. I had 99 and Scott was raising quite a bit. Since I was by far the shortest stack at the table, I had gotten a lot more tag. Scott raised on the button to .80, Rich called and I made it $2.50. Scott thought and called, and Rich folded. We made a couple of jokes about me having T3 and when the flop came out QJ8, I said, “Look, now I have a gutshot, so I check”. Scott checked behind which I thought was interesting. How could that board not have hit him? Well, when the A comes on the turn, I decide to try and follow up on a scary board and bet $3.50 leaving me with around $11.30. Scott just calls with some hesitation. A deuce comes on the river. I take about a second and push since I think the hesitation on the turn is a sign of weakness. Well, I was off on the weakness thing but I apparently made a good enough move to really put Scott on his heels. While he deliberates, he reveals his A8 hand for 2 pair on the turn. He apparently was weighing his options on the turn and not hesitation due to a weak hand. He goes through about every decision making tactic he can think of including flipping a coin, checking pot odds (it was pretty close to 2:1). I even give him a half price call to show if he folds. Just when I think he’s gonna fold he grabs his stack to call that he had counted out for the last 10 minutes and tosses it in the middle. I sigh and muck my cards. Almost worked. They throw some pity on my and decide to switch to omaha since we are short handed and I rebuy for $30 more since they significantly have me outstacked. I had been making omaha comments all evening with stuff like, “Don’t I get 2 more cards”. They threw me a bone, but I woulda played more either way.

Fortunately for me, I was the only one with any real omaha experience, but it was fun to play. It was a lot like the way we used to play a couple of years ago when we started the game. A whole lot of hand showing for learning sake. I wasn’t learning much, I was mostly talking about why you would make some decisions, but the other 2 had played little (in Scott’s case) to no omaha (in Rich’s case). I did do well at omaha though when I set over set Rich. I potted preflop with KKQ9 from the button. Flop was KT8 and Rich potted the flop. I contemplated calling but I repotted figuring he likely would have TT or 88 there since he wasn’t potting a lot of hands unless he had a real hand. I didn’t see him doing this with a draw, even if it was a big one. He repotted and we just considered it an allin bet since it was close and any calling was committing everyone and neither of us were going away. Before he did that he said there was only 1 real hand he was worried about which told me he had TT. I called instantly and he immediately knew where he was in the hand as I counted my chip stack. I hit my str8 on the turn with the J and he didn’t 1 out me, so I was up a little bit on the evening at that point. The funny thing was, he did a similar thing with middle set earlier and took it down but I warned him at that point saying that set over set is way more common in omaha than it is in holdem, so you have to be careful. Lesson learned.

I ended up calling Rich down on a hand where I had the second nut straight with a flush redraw and but never improved and gave back about $8. I ended the night down $3 which wasn’t too bad. Just a shame we didn’t get to play omaha the whole night. ;)

I didn’t play my normal game which was loose preflop in position like I normally do, but for the most part, I don’t think I played all that bad. Just got caught in some awkward positions and some people who were able to make some good calls. All I could think of as I typed this up was the Eric Lindgren moment from HSP.


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Feb 21 2007


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A message I received today from Amy:

amy: avery is quite amusing this morning: first he went potty and yelled out from the bathroom’ “Mom, I am trying to put my pee-pee into my belly button and it won’t work.”
amy: and then he told me the picture of Elmo milking a cow in his book was the cow peeing in a cup

What do you follow up that with? You just can’t…
What a Cutie!


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Feb 20 2007

Very Taxing

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Should five per cent appear too small,
Be thankful I don’t take it all.
‘Cause I’m the taxman
–The Beatles

Well, Amy finished the taxes this morning since she had the day off with sickly kids. Good news is, we actually get money back. I am of the Fool’s mind that you shouldn’t try and get money back, but our estimation of taxes hasn’t been that good over the years and getting money back is surely better than having to pay in about two weeks worth of my income in taxes like last year. I didn’t make any adjustments but there were plenty of other events that affected this, mostly revolving around Zoe. First off, Zoe is another dependant deduction. Then Amy took the summer off after Zoe was born so that decreased her yearly income by at least a quarter of what it was the prior year. She also lost a few clients over the time that she was off. This didn’t concern us terribly as we were both hoping to reduce her load. Amy would have had more trouble with deciding who to cut if she needed to do it her self, so better off this way.

First good financial news we’ve gotten all year in lieu of all the poker havoc that is being reeked. As far as that goes, I’ve heard from several places that former senator Al D’Amato is joining the PPA so I’m gonna cross my fingers that headway can be made yet this year concerning online poker.


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