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Apr 24 2007

BBV: Aquarium Edition

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Brag: We got the aquarium setup.


Beat: Less than 24 hours after being introduced to the tank, we’ve had a casualty. One of the 4 Zebra Danios we bought for the tank didn’t make it past day 1.

Variance: The tank is testing fine with the testing strips, so we think the tank could be fine and just a coincidence. We did get the fish from petsmart and large chain pet stores aren’t renowned for their healthy fish. They aren’t any where close to Wal-Mart infamy with poor pet quality, but they aren’t exactly marine biologists working there either.

We setup the tank and had just let everything run for the last week but since we were going to be away for the weekend, we didn’t want to get fish that would be ignored for 3 days right off the bat. We picked up the fish and some plants to get the aquarium cycling process going. I still need to fix the fluorescent light fixture for the aquarium. The switch was worn out and I’m far deeper into learning about how fluorescent lights work than I ever wanted to.

With any hope, we will get the aquarium balanced over the next few months. I’ve always liked fish and there are studies showing how aquariums can help relieve stress. Some crap about the water movement is supposed to be relaxing. But I think the kids will enjoy it and it adds more character to our living room.


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Apr 22 2007

3K Review

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My luck is wasted
I’m on the run somewhere
–Big Wreck

Well, I’ve had my 3k hands for the year since the start of the month, but with it being such a hectic month, I haven’t really gotten any further with it. But this will be my evaluation since my 1k review. Since my first 1k hands, I made some changes in my game. I switched to 4 tables and raised my aggression rate. My previous aggression rate was 1.77 and it’s now an even 2 for post flop aggression factor. I’ve been continuation betting more but haven’t seemed to come up with a lot of other spots to try some of the other aggression tricks. I wasn’t so sure that my continuation bets were all that profitable but I think they are working better than 50% of the time so since I’m typically not betting full pot (usually 3/4 or 2/3 pot depending on pot size), it should definitely be a profitable move in the long run. I still gotta keep track of that and see though.

My winrate dropped a tad from the 6.66 ptbb/100 that I had at 1k hands, but is still a very respectable 6.03 at just 3189 hands. If I don’t count the pot limit hands (I haven’t played any PL except for a few hands at PLHA in January and February, it’s at 8.25 over 3108 hands. That rate, I could definitely live with but I’m hoping to get it a little higher. I know people who can sustain over 10 in the long run at the $50nl games, but not a lot of people.

My chart for just the NL games looks like:


I’m not including the PL hands just cause I have no immediate plans to play it in the future and the small portion of hands that I did play of it are skewing my statistics a bit. All the future stats will likely show just the NL hands since that is what all the news hands would likely be.

I did have some stats that kind of took me by surprise when I was going through them. Most of all was the stats by position. I’ve been trying to concentrate of my play by position since I think that is one area that is easy to see where adjustments could be made and are easy to change in your game. But when I find oddities like what I ran across, I was a little bit taken back. Out of the 6 seats, I have 3 of them that I am profitable from and 3 that I am not. I expected to see my profitable positions to be like the cutoff, button and maybe the big or small blind (I think I play the blinds fairly well, especially in situations of blind vs blind). What did I find? Not what I expected. My profitable spots were seat 4 (UTG +1 or second to act preflop) and both the blinds. My worst seat was the button. I attribute a lot of this to it being only 3k hands which makes it only 500 or so at eat seat which isn’t a lot of hands. 1 poorly played hand or suckout can be weighed heavy with the stats with that few of hands, but I thought the stats were interesting none the less. Here is a chart to show how I did.


I was only down a buy in and a half on the button and can be narrowed down to a couple of hands that caused that. One of them being where I 3 bet preflop with a big hand, then got led into on the flop by an aggressive player and I raised pot committing myself in a situation I didn’t want to be in. Oh well, it happens. The UTG+1 being so profitable also ended up being an anomaly of variance, thankfully a positive one, that caused me to do so well. The big hand there was me winning a large pot when I flopped top set with pocket tens and the other two players in the pot were going to war on each other. All said and done, that pot was around $125 pot at $50nl so wasn’t so bad.

I still am doing well, and am still winning money even with 4 tabling, but I still haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. Me playing really sporadically this month isn’t gonna help that. I’m gonna jump down to 3 tables for a while and may even try and intermingle a few $100nl games in to try and finish clearing my bonus. I am more than adequately rolled for 100nl and was playing it before neteller jumped ship from the US players, but I’ve been apprehensive about getting to aggressive with that cause it isn’t nearly as easy to move stuff around.

Speaking of rolled, I haven’t put bankroll stats on here in a while so here they are:
Full Tilt – $1504.77
Stars – $1174.30
Total BR = $2679.07

I also have some change still in neteller (less than $20 and yes, I know how lucky I am for that) so I don’t count that since if I ever do see it, it would likely just get deposited into my checking account and not back into my bankroll. $2600 is more than enough to play $100nl though, especially for some one who was playing them for a good 5 months before the neteller thing came down. Most consider about 20 buyins a decent amount for taking a shot, but this would only be running a few tables to get a few extra points, and if I happen to run well and make a decent amount in the mean time, so be it. I wouldn’t mind staying at 100nl. My current goal for that is 20 buyins at the level for the site, so another $500 at fulltilt and I will be a regular fixture there.

I do have a hand that has been gnawing on my brain for the last few weeks that I was gonna post in here, but I’ll save it for another night. It’s getting late, and as I’ve said, I need my sleep.


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Apr 20 2007

Then again…

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there are times I don’t think my job is so bad:

Amy: ok-i just need to quit daycare
Me: quit to do what?
Amy: olivia used the hand towel as toilet paper
Me: haha
Amy: after she peed her pants twice

I do feel bad that my wife is having a shitty day (pun intended).


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Apr 19 2007

Hotdoll: The Sex Doll for Dogs – Gizmodo

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Hotdoll: The Sex Doll for Dogs – Gizmodo

Umm. Yeah, I just don’t have anything else to add…


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Apr 18 2007

Butt Code

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I’m glad it’s getting to be spring and all but this time of the year is kind of hard on me. Amy and I are constantly in a disagreement over the house temperature. I think it’s to hot, she thinks it’s too cold and there is no goldy locks in sight. Either way, one of us isn’t getting any sleep. The last few nights I’ve been conceding and not turned on a fan or opening the windows. How have I been sleeping? Like crap. I feel like that dude in the commercials with Lincoln and the beaver.

My lack of sleep I think is beginning to affect me a bit. I was just typing up an email talking about the “code suppository”. Spell check thought it was ok, but for some reason, it didn’t look right. I eventually did get it corrected to “code repository” before sending it off (good thing too), but I’m gonna chalk this one up to sleep deprivation. You hear that you talking beaver?


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Apr 16 2007


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We can have some more
Nature is a whore
Bruises on the fruit
Tender age in bloom

Slowly I’m trying to get things back to normal. No where close to that yet but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Since being back from Colorado, we’ve had like 1 day where we haven’t been running around trying to do stuff. Some of it has been fun, some of it, not so much. I’m gonna touch on some of the highlights just so people don’t think I’ve dropped off the face of the earth.

We get back and we’ve had items littered all over my google calendar. It’s kind of interesting how that has gone. A month ago I setup the calendar just to try it out since some of the other personal calendar solutions I tried hadn’t worked out so well. Now I’ve got more crap on it that it seems I need another calendar to filter it out a bit. Some of it is just some organization issues, but it’s still better than not having one at all.

Monday we got back and we didn’t even try and do anything. The kids were just beat and so were we. We cleaned up, unpacked the necessities and went to bed. Tuesday was painful to get back to work. I don’t know if it’s the spring or the fact that everyone I enjoy spending time with at work is leaving, but I’m having more and more days where I struggle with finding something positive about going to work. I have more to do with work, but that will come later.

We went to some school function that evening. Something about some knew math curriculum that they were teaching the students and they wanted the parents to see it so they would be comfortable and answer questions. The questions were few except for some stupid ho bag that kept asking why they weren’t doing it the old way. Here is the kick in the pants with that one. She was complaining (and the teachers brought this reason up as one of the reasons for trying the knew curriculum) that she didn’t “get” math as a student and that certain kids don’t follow it. Some get it and some don’t. Wouldn’t that be a good reason to try a different way of looking at it? If a lot of the kids had trouble with the way it was being taught, wouldn’t you want the teachers to find a better way? Build a better wheel. Even if it may be better for kids, she wanted kids to learn it the old way cause that was the way it was done. At least, that was the only thing I could possibly grasp from the drivel oozing from her droopy mouth as she continuously repeated the same two points without any consideration to any one’s rebuttals.

Good news is that while Clayton has been in his reading program this year, he has come along spectacularly. TJ reads excellently and I think Clay is now reading even better than TJ was at his age. I think it will be a short time and he will be removed from the special reading program which I’m gonna miss. The extra special attention I think is good for the kids whether they need it or not, but since he doesn’t need it, I guess the spot should go to a kid that does.

The rest of the week was mostly spent running errands. Doing shopping, tae kwon do, etc. Friday night I did get to play poker in our home game. It was a small game thanks to Rich’s inability to read attendance in our google calendar for the game, but I had fun. I was a bit tired and early on it especially affected my game. A few beers later I started to wake up and I think I was playing a bit better. In the very least making some better decisions. I won’t go into the game much but after I got stuck a buy in early with top 2 vs trips, I rallied a bit back to only be down $10. I’m still up in that game on the year, but not much. I don’t play that game to make muney, but that doesn’t mean I want to lose it either. It’s the competition factor of knowing I’m ahead in the game than anything.

The weekend was another busy one too. My grandmother gave me an aquarium while we were down there. It is a nice 30 gallon hex aquarium and last christmas when we were there, I offered to buy it from her. She declined at the time, but now that she is trying to unclutter her life, she decided to give it to me. It was one of the main fixtures I had remembered each time we would go and visit them when I was a kid and I wanted to get it setup before she comes up here (I’m thinking positively that she will). So saturday we ran to petsmart and did some research on what we would need. I cleaned the tank out on Saturday night. It had spent years being neglected in Colorado in garages and houses in storage. From the water deposit coverage on the bottom of the tank, it seemed like it had been left sitting half full too. I almost wish I had taken a picture of it before I had cleaned it just to show a before and after. But it’s cleaned now and another trip to petsmart and $200 later, we have it stocked up and cycling water now. We basically just had the tank and needed pretty much everything from rocks, filter, heaters and the whole 9 yards. We are short only a few items right now and we plan on putting some fish in it next week to start cycling it with fish. For all you hard core aquarium people out there that are gonna rail me for not trying to cycle it for 2 months without fish, I tell you to convince that to 4 very excited kids. We did put some bacterial treatment that is supposed to help reduce the stress on the fish. I do plan on testing the water next week just to make sure that it is safe enough to put some fish in before we do it too. At that time, I will be sure to get some pictures up.

Also on Sunday we went to some friends house for some jewelry party that she invited my wife to go. Their kids and our kids have been friends and have gotten along since I worked with Sandy several years ago. They are one of the few friends we have kept in contact with since either I or my wife have stopped interacting with them on a daily schedule. I am the worst person in the world for keeping in touch with people, regrettably. Horribly. And I don’t know why. To make my point, a few months ago I saw a couple of good friends of mine from high school at my nephews birthday party when they brought their daughter. I live 30 minutes from the school I grew up at. This was the first of my classmates I had seen in years. I can count a good half dozen or so that I know live in Bismarck with me. So I got their email address and guess what…. I still haven’t used it yet. The birthday party was like 2 months ago. I still suck.

So getting back to the point of what I wanted to get at Sandy’s party. She has a small group of girls she invited. Some friends and some coworkers. I didn’t know many of her coworkers, but I did notice one that INSTANTLY unlocked old memories in my brain. Who do I see but the girl I despised through most of my high school. Another one of my best friends was going out with this girl and she just did NOT get along with his friends. She caused countless nights of fights, arguments and flying fists between friends and despite our best attempts at telling our friend to dump the bitch, he just couldn’t do it. We didn’t understand it, but we tried the best we could to not let it tear us apart. Fast forward a few years. Not to the now, but about 5 years ago. He was gonna be graduating from college and this ho was still living back in our home town. A small town of around 850 people. Not hard to find stuff out. My memory of what exactly transpired as far as how everyone found out, if he had heard or the dumb bitch came clean, but it turns out that while she was spending her time a mere 30 minutes from her fiance (yeah, he was THAT dumb over this situation), she ended up cheating on him with one of our classmates. Coming from a small town, our whole class was pretty close, so this just wasn’t some guy. It was a guy we knew well. Some one we hung around with. Some one we would stick up for. I told him that he should be happy that it happened now before they got married, cause she just wasn’t the right girl. All his friends always knew it and we were just glad he was able to figure it out. Sucks the way it happened.

Fast forward to now. So after not seeing her for about 10 years and thinking of her very little except when she came up in conversation from stories of back home in the few conversation I would have with my old friends, I get to spend some time with her in a situation that doesn’t allow me to be straight forward with her. I would never have approached her since I don’t typically look for open confrontations. Well, she apparently didn’t think I would still be bitter. Back in the day, I never held back my feelings for her and she pretty well knew where we stood. We had little direct interactions except for the occasional party that she attended that was before he bedtime. For some unknown reason, she felt the need to sit down next to me and strike up some small talk with me. My first thought of “Are you serious???” didn’t come out and I played the tactful role I frequently find myself in recently when dealing with those that I don’t particularly care for. Surprisingly, this list is short, but it seems when they do get on “the list”, I have more than enough interaction with them. So I’m at least practiced at the art of not making a scene with some one I would much rather give a verbal tongue lashing with. The good news? She is so much starting to look like her mother…. that isn’t good for her sake.

Now that things are getting back to something that resembles normalcy, I need to get back to some poker. Not counting the home game, I’ve played twice. Earlier in the day that I heard of my granfather’s stroke and one day last week I sat on my wife’s laptop and played around 130 hands before full tilt crashed. At that point I decided it would be a good time to take my 2 buy ins I had managed to extract from the table and quit up $100. What that means is I still have a significant amount of the PPA bonus to clear still, and a short amount of time to do it. If I get back to my 4 tabling, it’s only like 10 hours of playing, but I will likely go back to 3 tabling for a while and still would only be around 14 hours. Very doable in the next couple of weeks, but I’m gonna have to choose my times. I did hit my 3000 hands mark and I will make a post covering that. I have some interesting statistics on my play, that I’m not entirely sure how it should be interpreted. I’m guessing variance is the likely culprit, but it will be interesting to go over it anyway.

At work, they implemented a new Zimbra groupware setup to replace our mail server. IT is currently testing it out. I’ve seen Zimbra before from our LUG presentations and next month it seems I will see yet another one. My first impressions of it is that it feels a lot like it should be a sun product. And in my eyes, that isn’t necessarily a good thing, but I will give it the space it is due in a post later as well. The goal was to get a non-Microsoft, enterprise calendar. This definitely has that, but it comes at a price, and I’m not necessarily speaking in monetary terms.


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