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Jul 30 2007


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I got lucky when the whole neteller thing went down, that I didn’t get caught with a ton of cash in neteller like a lot of people did. Hell, I didn’t even get stuck with a lot compared to my measly pittance of a bank roll. I had $14.28 trapped in the nether. Well, that money, as of today, has been freed.

What am I gonna do with my new found wealth? Buy a car? Travel? Nah, I’m gonna be super sizing all week, baby!!!


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Jul 30 2007

Congrats to Xaston

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Apparently I missed a whole bunch of excitement at BTP yesterday as Xaston final tabled the million. So congrats to him. I didn’t find out about it until I read the article at pokernews covering the weekend online tourneys. Funny thing is, I rarely ever read that article, but I happened to this morning. It’s not like he woulda allowed ANYONE on BTP to not know about it for long anyway.


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Jul 29 2007

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

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I recently signed up for a Cake Poker account. It’s been all the rage over many of the poker communities due to what seem to be soft games. There is lots of speculation as to why the games seem to be good. Leading the pack with these, is that poker tracker does not work on the Cake network (That issue is apparently due to a lack of timestamps on the hand histories). Then, of course, is the fact that it’s small network and multitabling the mid-high stakes games just isn’t possible to the extent that some would like since there isn’t even that many tables running of them. There are more than plenty for the small stakes that I’m playing though ($50nl to $100nl). What helps me at my stakes is the difficulty of depositing since the loss of neteller to prevent many of the small stakes US players from migrating to Cake. Most of these people are stuck on sites where they already have money and will probably stay there until a big change happens on the online poker landscape.

What convinced me to move was my ineffectiveness on Full Tilt lately, but wanted to be able to play at a rakeback site to go along with stars. And since the rakeback at Cake is a full 6% more than it was at Full Tilt, it seemed like a good choice for that as well.

I still haven’t played much at the site and didn’t run particularly well over the couple hundred hands I played there, but considering the hands I was dealt, I think I am very lucky to only be down half a buy in. I was getting a lot of 2 pair running into made gutshots and such. The few big hands I got didn’t get any action so that didn’t help either. I’m not complaining, these runs happen and as I’ve said, I feel optimistic that I only lost half a buy in here. I do hope the network does get larger, so I may start promoting it on my site. Who know, I might big up some referrals too which would be nice. And to be honest, I hope that they don’t fix the issues with PT. It that does indeed help with the game quality, then I would gladly live without it. Hell, I lived profitably without poker tracker for a year and a half, I no reservations about going back to that.


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Jul 27 2007

Things Could Always Be Worse…

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For instance, I could be video dating…


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Jul 26 2007

More Picking-on-the-wife-ness

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I find these therapeutic, so I really need it now.

Amy: i am n ot having a great day-how aboout yourself?
Me: life tilt FTW
Amy: what does that mean?
Amy: come on-just give3 me free underwear already-i am so sick of that bear
Amy: you are so rude-i did, but i still do not know what you are talikng about

For The Win
Commonly used among geeks to express their enthusiasm for something

Amy: haha
Amy: geek
Amy: :-D
Me: At least I didn’t marry one
Amy: what can i say-i have good taste
Amy: i asked you how your day was-seemed an obscure, almost nonsensical answer
Amy: i have always wanted to use that word in a sentence-nonsensical, nonsenical
Me: I always wanted to use the term laser vaginoplasty in a post
Amy: don’t we all?

Seriously, though. Life tilt is setting in and the short term outlook isn’t good. I’m not gonna jump off a bridge or anything, but I’m gonna need to find something to counter it. Suggestions???


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Jul 25 2007

Pimping Other People’s Crap

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I normally don’t pimp other people’s stuff too much, but one of the guy’s over at BTP, put together an audio interview with one of the young internet players from the site. It was pretty good so I’m recommending you go take a listen. I think they are gonna try and make it into a regular gig, which is why I’m pimping it. I would like to see them do more. Not much in the way of hard nosed journalism there, but WTF do you expect??? This is poker, for fuck sake…


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