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Sep 21 2007

Cross Blogging

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So since I didn’t want to seem like I’m fishing for readers, I’m cross blogging on my site and promoting Zooks’. That’s cause that’s the type of nice guy I am. This conversation is in response to this post.

Me: I almost posted a comment on your blog but I didn’t want it to seem like self promotion
Zooks: hahahah
Zooks: go ahead
Zooks: fine by me
Me: so I decided to just brag about how funny I am to just you
Zooks: hahahahhahah
Zooks: that works too
Me: oh, see you mistakenly assume I was afraid of what you would think of my post
Zooks: no, I just know how many people DON’T read my blog
Me: no, not the case, I just don’t want to seem conceded to the interweb
Zooks: and how small your audience would be
Me: so anyway…
Me: that post about wicked chops where they say: the WSOP’s “no discrimination” policy that allows women who look like men to play in its ladies-only event
Me: reminded me of a question some one asked me once
Zooks: lol
Me: they asked me if I would sleep with a male professional poker player, who would it be
Zooks: hahahahah
Zooks: and you said?
Me: I answered Kathy liebert
Zooks: hahahahah
Zooks: good one
Zooks: very good
Zooks: the number of lesbians at the binion’s “ladies” event was unfucking real
Me: but now since I had this conversation with you, I can blog it on my own site and have it not seem like self promotion
Zooks: hahahah
Me: how clever am I????
Zooks: just link to me when you do :)
Me: always

Tell me I’m wrong:


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Sep 20 2007

Oh Happy Day!!!

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Zoe’s metamorphosis into toddlerness is beginning to take shape. Last night for the first time, she slept in her own bed. As with the other kids, this was her idea and she wanted to sleep in the big bed that she has been taking her naps in over the last few weeks.

And with the likelihood that this will be our last child, I will be more than happy to reclaim my bed. My evenings of being kicked in the ribs while I scrunch as close to the wall as to not wake the resting child are finally coming to an end. Good bye exhausting nights of light sleeping… hello restful blissfulness. Oh how I’ve missed you…



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Sep 19 2007

Like You Guys Don’t Know This Already…

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But today is talk like a pirate day. A day when we can all act like children and sound like them too. So am I gonna spend the day sounding like I’m trying out for Pirates of the Caribbean VII? Not likely.

Even if I wanted to walk around sounding like a retard with a much more than healthy obsession with bearded folk and parrots, tomorrow our company is having an open house. Instead of sounding like the retard, I will instead being schmoozing and making a brown-nosing ass of myself. Well, probably not gonna go that far, but I will at least try and be tactful and professional. That much I can handle without vomiting all over the finger foods.

I can at least make my blog a bit more piraty.

Pirate!! Argh

There you go. Now no one can say I didn’t try. For those of you with less of a sense of self-respect and are a bit more free spirited, here’s some instruction so you can sound more like some of the other retards I’m sure to bump into throughout the day. Enjoy.


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Sep 18 2007

Hell in a Hand Basket

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Review posts are becoming the norm for me at the moment. That’s due to many reasons. The largest of which is me trying to get my computer upgraded at the moment.

That is a story that started back on Saturday. Our local LUG group held an installfest on Software Freedom Day. We held it at the public library where we have held it in the past and have had the most success there. It helps that it is a pretty visible location and we tend to get more inquiring minds.

The plan was to try and setup kubuntu on my laptop after copying my windows partition to a new drive that came from Amy’s laptop. Amy’s laptop had a 60GB drive in it so I was gonna use that instead of the 30GB drive that was in my computer. Amy’s computer has a new 160GB drive for any one who would be thinking she’s getting a raw deal.

Well, right when I started getting my computer setup and had just booted to the install cd, the people started rolling in. I ended up unsuccessfully trying to get ubuntu installed on an old dell laptop. There was some funky display driver in the laptop that the default config of xserv had a problem with. The guy had to go before I got the issue resolved, but at least he got to play with the demo machines a bit before he left.


Amy even showed up a bit with the kids. They just ended up playing games on the demo machines, but I think they had fun.

So, I didn’t get my goal accomplished, but didn’t have time to finish it up that day. After leaving there, I got home to a distressed wife who was annoyed with my 15 minute late ass. I last track of time a bit trying to get stuff wrapped up, but didn’t think I was going too bad.


Now the rest of you can feel her scornful gaze that I get on a near daily basis.

Getting back to the point, the reason I needed to get home was to get to a wedding reception for Amy’s cousin. He had gotten married in Vegas a few weeks back so it was a pretty informal family gathering. It was nice to see all the kids and talk to some of the relatives we hadn’t seen in a while.

So we stayed there a while and witnessed our kids gradually get hopped up on a sugar high from the punch, cake and fueled even more by what is turning out to be a long day for them. So what do we do? We go directly from one party to yet another.

There was a birthday party for the oldest son of some family friends of ours. Yes, that’s right. Even more cake and stimulation. Just what we need to get the kids under control. Actually, it wasn’t too bad. The party was held at the zoo so the kids got a chance to run around the playground, feed the animals, and get some much helpful fresh air.


Avery even found a stubborn chicken who stood perfectly still while Avery tried to force feed him a kernel of corn. I thought for sure he would get pecked as he bounced the morsel off his beak repeatedly. The watchful and cautious parent I was, had the camera poised to try and catch what I thought was inevitable event for a hilarious scrapbook picture and blog fodder. Instead you will have to settle for this crappy little story.

So, thus far remaining relatively unscathed, we end up afterwards going out to eat with some of the immediate family that was in town for the wedding reception. At least for Avery, we were rapidly approaching critical mass of crabbiness and he wasn’t listening particularly well. Zoe had succumbed to the deep grasp of exhaustion, and the older two were wading into the waters of testing my patients with their showing off for their cousins. The one high point of this trip was that I was allowed to only purchase a drink at the buffet that they had chosen. I had just eaten twice in the previous 4 hours and wasn’t particularly feeling like stuffing my face.

At least Sunday was pretty relaxed as we had little that needed to be done. We watched some football, went to the park for some bike riding, and ate copious amounts of miscellaneous sliced meats that was left at our house from the previous day’s wedding reception. It was like the world didn’t not want us to live past the event for some reason.

I did get a few more good pictures of the kids though and was especially pleased to catch Zoe in the act of tipping over her scooter. What would a parent do when seeing their toddler tip over backwards? Quickly run and save her from impending bumps and bruises? Apparently not when it’s your forth child and apparently not when you have a greater sense of how the hilarity of capturing it on film will way outlast any physical scarring. I hoped at least.

So I give you now, toddler tipping over backwards. A collection of images.


Just started pushing off with her feet here and I was just snapping a shot.


By this point, I was totally aware of what was about to happen and no force of nature was going to try and rip this moment from me…


Ahhhh, the payoff. There it is. In all it’s awkward glory. And for all of you thinking of what a bastard I am for letting my kid do this instead of trying to help her, she was perfectly fine and didn’t even whine much less cry. She was fine and got back on the scooter. Hell, I probably did her a favor by letting her experience this… sigh… who am I kidding. I’m going to hell, but at least I got the shot!!

I still don’t have my laptop together yet, but I’m having some technical difficulty with it. I may blog the experience if anything interesting comes of it, but as of right now, it’s just a pain in the ass and is frustrating me. Not exactly something I want to immortalize forever.


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Sep 13 2007

One More Thing…

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In my late night scramble to get something resembling content out, I totally missed one thing that I wanted to put out there too. I completely forgot to do some bragging that Zoe is finally taking her first steps. On Wednesday evening before we went to Clay’s sleep study, I told her to stand up which has been her latest “Look at me!!!” trick she has been doing lately. Once she got up, she was only about 3 feet away from me so I told her to walk, and she started taking a few steps before she tumbled into my arms.

Probably not much of a moment for you non-parents, but it’s a pretty big deal in our house. She is 15 1/2 months old and finally getting to the point of taking some steps. She has started saying 3 word sentences a few weeks ago, but still wouldn’t walk. It’s been a mildly frustrating process, but at least progress is being made.


Actually, it’s kinda funny how this process goes with parents. They want their kids to talk and walk and then when they finally do, all we want is for them to shut up and sit down. Well, maybe that’s not all we want, but we sure say it a lot.


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Sep 12 2007

Busy Week

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I haven’t posted in a while, but there has been a lot going on. So Here’s a week in review and some pics too.

Last Thursday the kids had Tae Kwon Do testing again. This time they were going for their Blue belt, which makes them just over half way to their black belt. The kids did pretty well and I took a lot of pics. For once I actually got the lighting, focus and white balance right, so the pics turned out halfway decent.


This is the kids lined up prior to the start of testing. Mostly I took a crap load of shots trying to get the settings right.



Both the kids looked good doing their form and did it well.


TJ all suited up for sparing.


Even got a few in action.


During weapons, the only shots I could seem to get that wasn’t of their back, was by bouncing it off the mirror.


I was surprised how well the came out despite that. I’m glad we got a few good shots.


I even got a reasonable group shot as well.

They held the testing a bit earlier than they had in the past and other than a few behavior issues with sitting still early on, we were very proud of how well they did. On a plus side, the kids are also being allowed to move up to the juniors class where they will not only be some of the youngest in the class, but also be the lowest rank. Something they haven’t had to deal with for a while and I hope they handle it well. It’s one of those sink or swim deals. I think they will either thrive or go down in a spiral of behavioral issues in class.

The whole weekend was pretty busy as we were supposed to go to a parade that got rained out. My wife and my mom rummage saled their way through the town for most of the morning and then my dad came by later in the afternoon to help us install a new outlet that we needed for the aquarium we acquired a few weeks ago.

While I spend the afternoon running wires, the kids went with mom to a birthday party. Once the tired kids got back, we had to take off directly to the summer picnic for the Tae Kwon Do school. The kids got bracelets to run amuck in the amusement park that was after supper and they had fun running off all the sugar and caffeine driven energy they had been storing up for the last few hours. Zoe even had fun wanting to ride the “horses”, but actually refused to ride any of the horses on the carousel so we ended up sitting on the bench of the ride for well over half a dozen times. I just wish I had remembered to take the camera. There were lots of good opportunities missed. Oh well, next time.

By the time we got home, the kids were dead tired but we needed to get ready for friends we had coming over. Lance is a Bills fan and since I’m a Broncos fan, I envited him and the family over to enjoy the game. I used to work with Lance and we have watched the last couple of meetings between the teams over the last couple of years.

That was one of the best games I had seen in a while, and since it was only the second real game of the year, that stands to figure. But really, it was the best Broncos game I had seen since probably the Giants/Broncos game last year. This one had a better result though with Elam kicking the time expiring game winner in very climactic fashion. Good game, but I don’t think Lance saw it that way.

We got the aquarium setup, and I am currently cycling the tank. We should get fish in it within the week, so expect some more fishy pics.

Last night I spend the evening with #2 (AKA Clay) at the hospital for his sleep study. He is still having issues with breathing due to some combination of enlarged tonsils and year round mold allergies, but the docs want to test him out by poking and proding him to death to avoid “unnecessary surgery”. All the tests and stuff are just as expensive for a us to cover, so sometime I wish they would pick a treatment and run with it. Anyway, so I take him so he can get hooked up to look like some Isaac Asimov character with wires hanging off him everywhere. Now since I have sleep issues myself, I probably shoulda had a bed next to him and tried for a 2 for 1 discount. But no. I struggled with the recliner next to the bed and compile on it the early time to wake up, I was dragging ass today at work. Worst part of it all was trying to get the waxy crap they use to stick the probes to his scalp. At least the shit was water soluble, but it was still a pain to deal with anyway.

The good thing that came from it is that I got a chance to get back to doing some studying for some of the professional growth opportunities that I’ve been promised. Little has come of that other than them giving me a book yet, so that’s still to be seen how well that will be handled. In the vary least that should hopefully get me into a situation where I’m happier or give me a good out opportunity from the company. That tale has yet to be told and I’m trying to bide my time to go through all the motions.

I have been slowing down with a lot of the extra stuff I had been doing so I got a chance to play a bit more poker than I have for a while. Not a lot, but a bit. Poker must feel left out or something, cause lady luck is giving me the cold shoulder. Here’s an example of the type of luck I’ve been receiving:

POKERSTARS GAME #11933409732: HOLD’EM NO LIMIT ($0.50/$1.00) – 2007/09/07 – 23:53:18 (ET)
Table ‘Padua II’ 6-max Seat #4 is the button
Seat 2: MaAnthony ($110.15 in chips)
Seat 3: slighty87 ($18.80 in chips)
Seat 4: xcoopx ($93.10 in chips)
Seat 5: plwby67 ($42 in chips)
Seat 6: takemoney650 ($22.60 in chips)
plwby67: posts small blind $0.50
takemoney650: posts big blind $1
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to MaAnthony [4♠ 4♥]
MaAnthony: raises $3 to $4
slighty87: folds
xcoopx: folds
plwby67: calls $3.50
takemoney650: folds
*** FLOP *** [K♣ 4♦ 5♦]
plwby67: checks
MaAnthony: bets $6
plwby67: calls $6
*** TURN *** [K♣ 4♦ 5♦] [5♣]
plwby67: checks
MaAnthony: bets $15
plwby67: raises $17 to $32 and is all-in
MaAnthony: calls $17
*** RIVER *** [K♣ 4♦ 5♦ 5♣] [3♣]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
plwby67: shows [3♠ 5♠] (a full house, Fives full of Threes)
MaAnthony: mucks hand
plwby67 collected $83 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $85 | Rake $2
Board [K♣ 4♦ 5♦ 5♣ 3♣]
Seat 2: MaAnthony mucked [4♠ 4♥]
Seat 3: slighty87 folded before Flop (didn’t bet)
Seat 4: xcoopx (button) folded before Flop (didn’t bet)
Seat 5: plwby67 (small blind) showed [3♠ 5♠] and won ($83) with a full house, Fives full of Threes
Seat 6: takemoney650 (big blind) folded before Flop

I mean, I was only a 93% favorite on the flop. What do I expect? It’s ok though. Bad streaks will happen and I am looking forward to it turning around for the second half of the month. Look forward to more frequent updates though. I promise. And not one of those “I’ll call you” type promises either.


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