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Nov 20 2007

Stupid Caps Lock

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Me: you don’t need my password
Me: all my apple account gets you into is the developer site at apple
Me: the account on itunes is your account that you setup
Me: not me
Me: in fact, you should change the email address for that to yours since it has your name on it
Me: that’s probably cause you have caps lock on
Amy: know-it-all

The funny part was I was wondering why she was typing in all caps.


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Nov 19 2007

Movie Reviews

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Avery: Here Dad
Me: *Takes the Nib he is handing me and pops it in my mouth*
Avery: It’s not yucky
Me: Um… ok
Avery: It’s not dirty
Avery: it just fell on the floor
Me: *sighs*
Avery: It’s still good, right??

That was the highlight of yesterday morning’s movie. The kids had a ticket to get into a series of movies. One each week for 7 weeks, but we only made it to 4 of them. Yesterday’s was Deck the Halls and was by far the worst of the 4 movies we saw.

But I’m probably getting a little ahead of myself. Let me go through them from the beginning. The first movie we saw was Charlotte’s Web, the live action remake of the animated classic. I didn’t hold out a lot of hope for this one for several reasons. One was cause I haven’t seen many remakes that I’ve liked especially for those I have seen the original. Add that on to the fact that while the original was a reasonable kids movie, I didn’t think it was all that great of a movie. Second reason was cause I have never been a huge fan of Dakota Fanning. I don’t know what it is, but there is just something freaky and unnatural about that girl. Fortunately, while she played a major role in the film, she wasn’t really a character that stands out. Given all that, I think it was surprisingly a good movie. The special affects were good enough to not be distracting, the acting didn’t take away from the story and I was happy to see that they didn’t deviate from the original story either. All in all, an improvement on the original without retelling the story in a different way.

Next week was Shrek the Third. I have to say, I liked the original Shrek a lot. The second one, not so much. With the third, I held little hope of saving any face. It didn’t. It fell way short. They seemed to be trying too hard to keep the running gags going and shoving some of the funny moments that worked in the previous movies, into this one. Beyond that, I don’t think the story held up as well. You enter the whole movie thinking it’s about them having kids, but it really tries to cover Shrek’s anxiety over his swamp heir. It did have a couple of moments that were funny, but didn’t make the movie.

Movie 3 was Evan Almighty the remake of Bruce Almighty. I liked Bruce Almighty but I didn’t think it was a great movie. I do like Steve Carell a lot, though, and surprisingly liked this movie way more than Bruce Almighty. The plot was kinda lame, but it was funny enough that I didn’t really care. What I didn’t realize until I was doing this post since I hadn’t seen Bruce Almighty since it came out 4 years ago, was that Steve Carell played the same role in the original movie, Evan Baxter. After I found that out, I was a bit disappointed that Jim Carrey didn’t have a cameo role in this film. I think that woulda been cool to tie it in. I’m sure there are others out there that didn’t realize the character is from the first movie. In fact, I almost want to go back to see the original movie to see the character carry over into this one. Almost.

The last movie we saw was, of course, Deck the Halls. I will keep this short. This was one of the worst films I’ve seen in a loooong time. It wasn’t even bad acting, or poor characters, it was just a horrible story and wasn’t funny. That is a problem for a film that is supposed to be a comedy. The kids like it, and I’m trying to use that as my only justification for my time.

When it was all said and done, I enjoyed doing this with the kids and it was nice to be able to see some movies in the theaters which is a rare treat nowadays.  I just wish that they had better movies showing, but I imagine it’s probably hard to find 7 great movies for kids that have recently been in the theaters. If they do it again next year, I would still like to do it again. The good news is that there won’t be another Deck the Halls.


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Nov 16 2007

Um… WTF???

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This is just another thing that I think, how does some one come up with this?


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Nov 16 2007

Poker News

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted any news on the legal front of online poker. It’s been a while since there has been much that is noteworthy (other than the whole AP debacle). But today, I saw a few news items that seemed to look promising on the front of online poker.

Harrah’s potentially buying Party Poker and a news report of a committee meeting concerning the subject. Both of these pieces of news, while nothing that is really changing anything at the moment, seem to be good for the sake of future developments. If a major casino would have a huge vested interest in online poker other than the added benefit of the gained interest recently, it would be huge giving it a lobbying partner with a voice.

I am glad to hear about the committee meeting too. So many of the committee reports I’ve heard of have revolved around inaccuracies, stereotypes and misconceptions that revolve around the ethically gray area of online poker. How it got this image, is debatable, but the fact that it’s there is all but undeniable.

Hopefully it’s just the start and this helps lay the groundwork for more good legal news to come.


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Nov 02 2007

Bringing in the Haul

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On Wednesday, the kids had fun. We took them out around the neighborhood to enjoy the yearly sugar gathering ritual of begging for candy for the price of entertaining outfits. This year on display, we had:


A lady bug.


A “dead sailor”. Really, it was a pirate costume, but TJ insisted it was a dead sailor. It was his costume, so dead sailor it is.


A real pirate.


And then we get a reappearance from last year, a ninja. Clayton wanted to stick with what works, I guess. He was happy with it, so I didn’t have an issue.

After getting past the anxiety and nervousness that the kids were going though, we finally got out the door and on the trail. TJ and Avery especially were all worried about their costumes. Avery just didn’t want to wear one and TJ was worried about it being perfect. Once they got out the door, though, all anxiety went out the door with it and the excitement of the moment took over. Even Zoe was getting into the act after a few hands saying “Thank You” after leaving each house.

After half the evening, we dropped off the younger two who had become quite spent from the quest of candy, and we also dropped off the older kids’ first haul. Yes, I do mean first.

After dropping off the younger kids, we made way better time and the older two took advantage of that. They gained another bucket full in 1/3 the time that they got with their siblings. So how did they make out? You be the judge.





That was it. They made out pretty well, and even shared. Now for the never ending sugar high that is sure to be going for months to come.



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Nov 02 2007

October Results

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Another short month in poker terms. I only played about 800 hands at cake and a couple of omaha sessions at FTP. I lost about $6 at ftp, and in those 800 hands at cake, I made about $235 at the tables and only $27 for rakeback and bonus.

Anyway, I played very little but still ended with a profit of almost $260. Not bad for as little as I played. I wish I could post more, but there really wasn’t much that happened.

So lets get down to the bottom line.

stars: $1,398.18
ftp: $669.33
cake: $1758.63

I cashed out half my winning of $130 from Stars leaving me with:
BR: $3,696.14

The only thing of interest I did for the month was I’ve started buying in at the occasional $200 full ring game with the default buyin of $120 at cake. I didn’t get very far with it yet, but I plan on doing it a bit more as long as I keep running well.


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