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Jan 28 2008

Just to Pick on Zooks

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Proof positive that Nickelback is in fact so NOT HOT that the sound of them can extinguish fire.


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Jan 26 2008

Charles Nesson Interview

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An interesting interview of Charles Nesson on the Colbert Report.


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Jan 25 2008

I Always Wondered What That Helmet Doc Brown Wore Did

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Helmet for Alzheimers

Well, you can either be Crazy or look like a dork. The choice is yours, but I think it’s clear. Crazy people have more fun anyway. By the looks of those dudes in the picture, it seems there is about an 86% chance that this device will also remove those unsightly strands of protein that grown on the top of your head too.


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Jan 24 2008

Pipe Dreams

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A while ago I mentioned that google had fallen short with it’s lack of rss capabilities for youtube. I also blogged about when they introduced youtube rss capabilities as a part of the gdata project. While not fully functional, it at least gave people an interface to add the functionality that was lacking from the youtube application.

One thing I didn’t mention was one of yahoo’s new tools that made this capability to tie applications together. Yahoo pipes has a terrific interface for manipulating data structures given by other sites like rss, atom, xml and json. It seemed to be an interesting concept, but I never really found a situation that I needed it’s capabilities for.

To play around with it, I decided to try to do exactly what should have been in youtube to begin with. I wanted the capability to know when the users I have subscribed to had put up new content. I made a crude interface to have access to that information but it was not without issues. One of them being that the ordering wasn’t quite what showed in the subscription center and the other being the structure of the data was terrible. I left it as is for a while and forgot about it for the most part.

I came back to it recently trying to refine it a bit more and make polish off the remaining little bit that I wanted to do. I did it by substituting a few of the structures to rewrite the rss feed I was using to one that worked correctly instead of the gdata rss file. That fixed both of the issues that were present the first go around. I did some more reseach and I looked through some of the clones that others had made from my original only to find some one else had done the same steps, but his was a bit more elegant as he did in 1 step what I did in 2, but they both still worked.

Taking that a bit further, I added the feed to the video subscription software, miro, and then I now have all my subscription downloaded to an application on my system when they get updated. No more going back to youtube to check and see what was updated. Instead I had all the information I wanted on my desktop when I wanted to view it. I knew when the information I wanted was available. I’m sure youtube probably had that in mind when they neglected having feeds just to force people to go back, but it really isn’t in the spirit of community. This allows it a greater amount of usefulness, in my opinion.

So feel free to take the pipe I made and share my YouTube dream. I encourage you to use it and share it with others. Let me know if it works, or even if it doesn’t. Hopefully it makes your YouTube experience better. Sometimes it’s quick to lose sight that that is what computers are here for. To make our life a bit easier.


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Jan 24 2008

$200k for a Space Joyride? Sure, Why Not?

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“Passengers would get about 4.5 minutes of zero-gravity time”. What do you do with the other 2.5 minutes then once you have joined the 20 mile high club?



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Jan 18 2008


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I’m not really easily influenced. I think that’s cause I like to be a sceptic. But man, there is something about that Cloverfield movie that really peaked my interest. At first it was just curiosity about it. I did some searching. Read up on it on wikipedia, imdb and rotten tomatoes.

Then I started feeding off the rumors. One of them that really got to me was the theory that this is a contemporary version of a story from HP Lovecraft. Lovecraft is one of my favorite authors and really got me stoked about this picture. I was looking past all the Blair Witch type cinematography and the vague teasers seeded over the internet.

Cloverfield comes out tomorrow. I’m sure my expectations and anticipation will come crashing down once all the rumors become fact. It’s probably a good thing that I likely won’t see it until it comes out on HBO, but I still would like to see it. Especially if the Lovecraft rumors prove to be true, I will like to see it with great anticipation. I’ve seen all the other Lovecraft movies that I’ve been able to get my hands on. Unfortunately, few of them have been worth watching. Here’s to hoping this can change that. Tomorrow will tell.


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