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Mar 12 2008


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Life is what happens to
you while you’re busy
making other plans.
–John Lennon

I have used that quote once before, but I don’t know that it is any more appropriate than now.

I had spoken before that I had motivation for playing more, but didn’t want to elaborate until the time was right. The time was right was once we had told the rest of our family. So I guess I will start how I found out. The following conversation took place on January 29th:

Amy: okay-i am hyperventilating right now
Amy: do you want bad news over IM, or should i wait till you get home?
Me: I’m not sure
Me: are you pregnant?
That is my way of teasing Amy as I always asked her that at any hint of sickness, pain or bad news just to be annoying

Amy: i was hoping nnot
Me: um, what do you mean?
Uh oh. She usually just got mad and told me to shutup
Amy: i was hoping i was just stressed out, but as long as i was at the pharmacy i picked up a test to be sure
Me: you didn’t tell me?
Amy: and now i don’t feel so well
Amy: i didn’t really think i was, and didn’t plan to get a test, but they were there, so i just grabbed one
Amy: i am only a coupple days late-no big deal
Me: well, either you are or you aren’t
Me: BTW, you were supposed to just get annoyed and reassure me you aren’t when I make those comments
Amy: doesn’t this count as telling you-i just got home
Amy: i wish i could
Me: so you took the test?
Amy: just now
Amy: it’s ok if you leave me-i’m depressed already
Me: well, if you are, you are
Amy: i wasn’t ready
Me: um, like I was?
Me: I was totally confident I didn’t want any more and still am
Me: not to mention all the crap you were talking about gage with her dress
Amy: at least i ordered a 10-not a 6
Me: I blame you
Me: I doubt I was even involved
Amy: i am the first woman ever to regenerate asexualy?
Me: depends on your religion
Amy: fine, you’re funny-but how will we fit them all at the table?
She will hate me for saying this, but this is Amy’s mother coming out in her taking a big situation and finding some trivial issue to dwell on with it.

Me: well, looks like the new house is becoming more of a priority
This is me figuring out how this affects my plans.

Amy: and we were almost done with diapers
Me: I almost had your boobs back
Amy: *I* almost had my boobs back-not to mention clothes that fit me

That sounds a bit more bleak than the situation actually is. It was just a bit….. overwhelming. For once, I think we were both comfortable with our life and our situation and then in a moment, it all just gets tossed in the air. Goals and plans all twisted around and upside down. Scratch that, and starting a new plan.

Things have become a lot less melodramatic than that conversation since then. Time will do that. Especially when it’s something you have been through 4 times before. This time is no less life changing for us, well, other than the first one. I don’t have any doubt that everything will be fine and am not really worried about it. Everything always seems to work out for the best for us in the end. This just makes a few things in our life a bit more difficult in the short term.

The van we bought a few years ago with “room to grow”, will now just fit us. A family of 7 in a vehicle that seats 8. The house we live in, while was ample for our needs when we moved in 5 years ago when we had 2 kids, is going to quickly lose it’s usefulness as we try and pile our 7 sardines into 3 bedrooms. Amy’s daycare, while the strain it has put on our lifestyle even without the new arrival, will become almost unworkable come this fall. It frankly ties you down too much.

Lots of changes in a short amount of time. That was where I was hoping me picking up the slack with poker would ease the strain. Last summer, I made more per hour playing poker than I did at my job. I’m still hoping to get back up to that point, but even if I don’t, I’m sure I will be able to squeak a few grand out of my hobby and that will go quite a ways as we try and rearrange our lives to this new development.

So far, the only real big stumbling block with this has been it’s affect on Amy. It’s been hitting her pretty hard as far as morning sickness the first couple of months. She is on medication now and it seems to be helping, but man, it’s gonna be a rough few months. We just need to sit down and wait to see what life deals us next.


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Mar 10 2008

GG Winter

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While it’s still technically still winter until the end of the month, today got into the mid 60′s and marking the last days of winter. What snow remains should be gone with tomorrow which is supposed to be nearly as warm as today. The last remnants being only the tallest of snow mountains that have been pushed to the corners of parking lots. Good riddance, as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been waiting for this to happen.

While I can take winter and enjoy winter activities with the kids, I will not be one bit sad to have the cold drafts by our old doors and windows, the dry air from the furnace, the colds and flues that have ransacked the members of our house, and most of all, the increased gas bill, one little bit. I’ve always been a spring person as I enjoy the summer days that finally seem to be in sight.

With the kids having been walking to school lately, I’m hoping to start going in to work earlier which means I should be able to leave earlier as well. I’m hoping I can coax a few afternoons to perhaps do things with the kids or to get a few more hours in to play some poker. That TV is still a ways off, but it’s still within reach if I can manage to work a few more hours into my schedule a month.

So far, I’ve been abysmal at getting my time in. I know. A reoccuring theme with me, but I’m going to really, honest to god, gonna try to take a serious run at getting 10k hands in this month so I can make goldstar. I need to play about 20 hours for the rest of the month to achieve that. I figure I’m about 3:2 against me doing it. But, if I do by some chance make it and maintain that, then I will be making at least 8k points per month and my goals will be well within my reach.

:: Crosses fingers ::


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Mar 06 2008


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That is all…


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Mar 03 2008

Poker Is Easy

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Who can’t come up with winning months time and time again? C’mon, where is the challenge in that? Is poker only about just making money? Can’t there be more to it then that?

So, this month I decided to start out the month with a $220 yoke tied around my neck. Yes, that’s right, 2 days into the month, I’m down $220 so far and need to work my way out.

Realistically, it’s not that big of a hole. It’s only 2 buyins. I’ve been stuck a lot more than 2 buyins and come back from the dead, but considering I lost most of it playing $50PLO HU, it makes it seem a bit more significant.

Here is how it has shaken out.

-$5 at .01/.02 PLO (I was testing out the PS mac client on my wife’s computer, so get off my back, would ya?) Hand of the match here. Can I win a coin flip please?

-$180 at HU $50plo. Did you know that pokerstars had HU plo? Neither did I, I know now.

-$35 at nlhe. I only played an hour and I decided to make the jump to playing 5 tables. Yay 25% faster to the TV. With only 400 hands in, I’m not gonna get my panties in a bunch over this. A few hands from that session:
Hand 1
Hand 2
Hand 3
Hand 4

Hand 3 was particularly fun. I didn’t think the guy had a 7, so he either had a draw or possibly a 6. Maybe an overpair. Either way, I thought I was getting odds to hit against a 6 and if I called, I’ve been seeing a lot of people who go check/check on the turn after I call. If that happened, I was gonna lead out for expensive on the river. But low and behold, I hit on the turn, so I decided to go the check/call route since if he had air or a 6, he could easily take another stab on the river. He did. Might not have been a good play, but I was mixing it up a bit. The fun part came after the hand where the villain proceeded to imply what a poor player I was and even asked me to stay at the table so he could take the rest of my money. I obliged, and the conversation kept on for about another orbit. There was little in the way of us getting involved, except for one hand, but I’m gonna save that one for a post on it’s own.


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Mar 01 2008

February Poker Results

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I had goals with my poker to start playing more. More than I had in the past in fact. This last month I put in a little more than 4500 hands. So far, goal met. I think the most I had played before this was somewhere around 4200 when I started 4 tabling last month. The good thing is, I did it in about 20 hours of table time. I did have some time I spent playing some HU sngs, but most of it was ring games. Not to bad for time.

In all, I ended up making almost $350 for the month. About $60 of that was from bonus, $230 from nlhe game, and the remaining $60 was from HU sngs and a small amount of PLO games. If I had just skipped full tilt for the month, I would have been about $130 heavier. Yes, Chris Ferguson and Co. had my balls in a vise for the month. If any one sees me at a NLHE game on full tilt, I give you full permission to taser my ass.


Anyway, I did pretty good with goal 1. I hope to keep it up for the next month and take that a bit further. But I’ll be honest. There really weren’t any goals beyond 1. There was a lot of things that I would have liked to have done, but playing more was my first step to get on track. It helps to meet goals, when you set abstract goals using specific yardsticks to measure yourself by like “more”. For March, I do have a discernible goal though. I want to average 1 hour of play at the nlhe tables per day. 31 hours. Doable, but I need to get back into a regular schedule and stick to it as much as I can.

I had a lot of swings I was dealing this month. Not all of it was due to running bad or bad luck. I’m still trying to get my rhythm back. Nothing puts this point into perspective, like a chart. Ask, and you shall receive.


Remember when I said I only had 1 goal for the month? I lied. I also wanted to get back on to stars’ VIP program and with some assistance to the double points promotion poker stars had for leap day, I did achieve silver star status. For March, I will be playing pretty exclusively at stars and with me playing more time and keeping my table ratio up close to 4 for the month, I hope to make a run for gold star. Still gotta work for that TV, after all.


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