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Apr 23 2008


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I’m glad some people are enjoying spring, but lately, I’ve just been tired and out of energy. You don’t get much enjoyment from spring when you feel that way. I guess I just need to get some Powerthirst.


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Apr 21 2008

“Sure I thought it was wrong, but hey, WTF?”

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“the couple is being monitored”


I can laugh at this because I don’t know them. Ok, let’s be serious. I’ld probably still laugh.


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Apr 19 2008

Facing the Enemy

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Haven’t been posting much lately. As usual, the lull in posts weren’t due to lack of things postworthy. There’s actually been a lot going on.

Most of the activity was last week. I spent the week in Denver for a PMI conference. The hotel I stayed at was kinda gimmicky. Each floor had it’s own theme. I was on the 7th floor, the “laugh out loud” floor. The elevator would announce the floor’s theme when it stopped. That got old… um… about the 2nd time I was on the elevator. My alarm clock was a VW Beetle and the headlights would shine in the room a moment before the alarm would go off. Real nice when you aren’t sleeping well. The only part I really liked about the place was instead of the typical mints that hotels would hand out, this place would hand out these old school candies. Candies like slow pokes, tootsie rolls, and my personal favorite, zotz. The kids woulda liked it, but I went by myself.

That left Amy to deal with all the family affairs on her own. It’s difficult enough for us to keep up with both of us trying to run around and handle it all. I felt bad for her having to try and cope with it on her own. On Monday, the older two pretested for their red belts in taekwondo since they weren’t going to be around for their testing on Tuesday. Apparently they did pretty well. Didn’t surprise me much as they’ve been really concentrating and trying hard to do well. Tuesday Amy had to run the whole bunch to a charity auction. After then, Amy had to haul the bunch to have Clay’s meeting for his 1st communion. Apparently, that’s a big deal. From what I can tell, the kids just treat it as an open invitation to do something they aren’t in drinking wine at church.

Tomorrow is the actual 1st communion service which means today was a fury of house cleaning that will continue on til tomorrow. Apparently tomorrow we will be receiving guests. Not sure how many. I was probably told, but it didn’t stick. Not that it’s important. It’s typically just as much effort if it’s 5 or 15.

But back to the conference. The conference was for the project management changes that we had been discussing at work for almost a year now. Took a while to get there, but I’m glad I got the opportunity to go. It was a very good conference and I definitely learned a lot. Thanks again to Bob Malone who did a great job with the class. If nothing else, the expense has motivated my company to revisit the whole project manager thing, at least for the short term. So we’ll see. Some good may come of that. If not, at least the experience was a good one.

Other than that, we are still just waiting for the impending loss of the daycare. As it gets closer, we are feeling more and more comfortable with the idea and are looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to evening the score with my biggest enemy lately, time.


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Apr 08 2008

Evening up the Score

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A while ago in a web album pissing match that I was having with zooks, one of the (few) points I had to concede with flickr to picasa web albums was if it stored and played video. It seemed like an odd justification to have to make for a web album, but it sucked to have to admit defeat on it non the less.

Well, it appears that I can now remove that point from picasa’s side of the score board. Flickr does (or will soon) have video storage on it. So :P to you Zooks. I (and flickr) still win.


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Apr 06 2008

March, I’m Glad You Are Gone

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Remember that $220 sink hole I put myself into at the beginning of the month? Those are hard to overcome when you aren’t playing great and you take a quick shortcut through coolerville in the month too.


-$260!!! Woohoo!!! Keep in mind, that is including some really good sessions to finish out the month. Including me banking $190 on the 31st to finish up my points. At one point, I think I was down to the tune of $550-ish.

And now comes the reoccurring theme of me talking about not playing as much as I wanted. Well, I didn’t play as much as I wanted for the month and took like a week off at the end there (2.5 days of it were taken up by being no where near anything that resembles the interwebs, so I have that as an excuse). Still consider, I didn’t do to bad. Pretty well summed up to the following:

4k hands of nlhe for -$90
200ish hands of $50plo HU for -180
20 hands of 2/4 stud8 (played poorly, I might add) for $10 – holy crap!! A positive result!! Alert the media

I had hoped to play about 8k hands, but that just wasn’t in the cards (haha, you see what I did there?!? Cards?… Get it? ::sigh::). I will still continue to try and play as much as I can, but until Amy finally wraps up the daycare, I probably won’t be hitting many of my goals. I’m ok with that. I’ll still keep plugging away and hopefully with better results than this month.

So far in April, I’m a week behind schedule. With a hectic week last week, I didn’t get any hands in and this week will be pretty slim to as I’m in Denver for a conference. I’ll probably get a few hands in, but without my external monitor, I won’t be able to put in the hands/hour that I’m used to.

A third of the way into the year, I’m not doing so hot, but at least I’m in the black. I’m up just over $200 on the year which puts me behind pace what I did last year, but I have yet to have a month where I ran really well. That’ll come. I still just have to concentrating on putting the time in that I can right now. GOGOGO April.


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