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Jun 30 2008

June Results – The Race is On

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This is my june results (read as the latest results update since the last one which was who the fuck knows).

I’ve said in a previous post… somewhere that I’m much to lazy to look up at the moment, that I’m back playing at Cake poker. And OMG did I not realize how much I missed that place. For every little bit that the 100′s are better at stars than at full tilt, cake is that much times ten over stars.

But enough unquantifiable lies and to use some actual facts. Facts that resemble my profits for the month. I still didn’t play much, but I played enough to squeeze out a little more than $300 profit (not counting RB). Not all that amazing, but since I played fewer than 2000 hands this month and that total is also counting my $150 black hole that was my unlucky couple of sessions at PLO. If you just count nlhe and not the bonus I cleared, I made about $430 in about 1600 or so hands. Good results for as much as I played. Possibly I ran hot, but it certainly didn’t feel much like it. I had plenty of beats to go along that route.

So let’s talk about my PLO. PLO is currently like an itch I need to scratch lately. I have been away from it for a while but I don’t think I’m gonna give up on it. I do think the games I was playing in are beatable and I think my poor results were just due to running bad in a small amount of hands. I will likely keep a steady diet of PLO in the future just cause it keeps me interested.

Pauly talked a bit about PLO, and I thought it was both insightful and entertaining:

If you master PLO, you’re the biggest swinging dick in town and sit on piles of cash and can pay hookers thousands of dollars to do the most humiliating stuff possible.

If you lose your dignity playing PLO, you end up sucking dick for a min. buy at 50 cent PLO tables. I’ve seen it happen. Hotshot wins huge at NL. Gets hooked on PLO. Wins a bit and then dives off the deep end into the void.

That sounds a bit drastic, but it really isn’t. NLHE has highs and lows, but PLO takes those to a new level. You can know the numbers and play perfect, but at times, those don’t seem to matter. Things shift quickly and the relentless bets of the pot make those swings hard to swallow at times. That’s the drug part of it. The excitement of it. The feeling of being on top of the world one minute and the burning despair of being and having nothing the next. That’s what makes the game great. And for those who can stand it, it’s what makes the game fun as it feels like you lose control and ride the ebbs and flow of chance.

Next item of business is my realization what month this was. It was June. Half way through the year and half my opportunity to meet my goals is gone. For the first time, I really looked at where I was at with poker this year. All told with results, bonuses, prop bets and everything I am just over $500 in the black for the year. That is a bit disappointing for me, but I have to take it with a level of perspective. Out of the 6ths months, I only really played 4 of them (pretty much took April and May off) and one of those 4, I lost money in. Considering those circumstances, I haven’t done too aweful and in fact, am up $725 those 3 months I pulled profit. But still, I need to realize where that fits in with my goals regardless of the circumstances. I’m behind schedule especially considering the last 2 years I have made $4k and $3k respectively. I have historically done better the second half of the year for some reason though, so hopefully I can ride a bit of success and still reach some goals before the end of the year.

I think I have found another point of motivation for me though. And fortunately for me, it comes with opportunity to keep tabs on a little bit more of a granular level, which I think I need. My rakeback affiliate has gotten rid of the freeroll tourney for people who generated a certain amount of points and replaced it with some sort of rake race contest. The players who generate the most monthly gross rake, get an extra cut of a prize pool. At first, I thought this was ridiculous but now that I think more about it, I think it probably fits me a bit better. I always hated playing freerolls and the times they held them weren’t always the most convenient. If you missed it, you missed out. With the race, I can play when I want but the more I play, the more likely I am to get a reasonable sized bonus. This next month, they are giving away $10k split between the top 30 players and I think me getting around 15-20th spot is really achievable. I am gonna try and put the updates of where I’m at in the race rake when they update the standings (they don’t do it daily, but it’s usually every 2 or 3 days). I’m hoping that is enough to motivate me to play a bit more consitently and earn a bit more on top of what I’ll be getting with my rakeback too. We’ll see how it goes and hopefully I can keep the good results coming. $10k bankroll by the end of he year!!!


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Jun 30 2008

Next We Are Going for a Romantic McD’s Meal

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White trash is so awesome:

via Fail blog


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Jun 29 2008

New Job???

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I would like to do something with meaning. Something that helps the community. Something that fills your heart cockles with warmth from the good being done.

Ok, so I’m not quitting my job just yet, but as it appears from Wicked Chops, that they could use a good non-drunk photographer to snap photos of hot girls on the rail. So I thought, I could do that. Obviously I am drawn by the shiny button that is, well, taking pics of hot girls on the rail and the occasional poker personality but really who wouldn’t for such a glamorous opportunity?


Hear that Wicked Chops? I hereby officially throw my lens cap in the ring. I’ll leave my calendar open for next summer.


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Jun 24 2008

Nintendo, This Should Be Your Commercial

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Seriously, if nintendo makes this their commercial for their wii fit system, even at $170 a pop, this is the best selling video game of all time. Period. It’s over. GG everyone else.

(via wicked chops)

Hell, I’m even tempted to go plop down almost 200 bones for this after watching that. Err, I mean, I think the kids would love it.


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Jun 17 2008

Good News and Bad News

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Bad news first:

Apparently everything around me is breaking down as it appears my computer’s fan decided to fail last night and for some reason, computers don’t want to run when they aren’t cooling. Not even 2 weeks after the wife’s had an issue. My availability may be sporadic while I sort this out over the next week.

Good news:

If my sources are right, new episodes of High Stakes Poker should be back on the air shortly. This is good news since it might give me something to do if I don’t fix my computer.


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Jun 16 2008

Yeah, This Will Help That Dumb Jock Stereotype

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In response to how he’s healing from his accident and subsequent surgery:

“I can do everything with my right hand that I was doing before the accident but I’m still wiping my butt with my left hand,” Marshall said. (via

Less than 3 months away before the kickoff of the new season. No matter which hand Brandon is wiping with, I can’t wait for the season opener with the Raiders.


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