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Aug 18 2008

Bring Us Your Ugly and Disfigured Masses

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Of course “beauty-disadvantaged” is a nice word to use too. (link here)

Eventually I’ll make a real post, but in the mean time, I’ll just regurgitate content.


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Aug 15 2008

Random Photo of the Day

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Yes, that’s what it looks like. A baby being fed via a microphone stand. No, not my baby. That’s why I said “Random Photo”. Can’t you read???

Maybe it’s the impending arrival or our latest or something, but I really thought this was amusing.


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Aug 05 2008


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I posted once before about social bookmarking and now is just as good a time as any to revisit it. The site I use,, has recently just jumped their user interface ahead about a dozen years with a new design. Along with that, they implemented a bunch of other updates that aren’t as obvious as their visual updates which they outline in their blog post.

Seriously, if you don’t use social bookmarking, you should really consider it and no better time than now. I like a lot of the changes they have made and other than the easier to navigate interface, the overall speed of the site is really noticeable. You used to really be able to tell when the servers were being taxed before, but it feels quick and smooth now. It’s good that they finally fixed the site to be up to par with their functionality. Kudos to yahoo for fixing an already great service.

If you want to know what I’m tagging, you can find me here.


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