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Sep 26 2008

And Then There Were Five

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Baby Cinco Sadie Antonia was born yesterday with hardly so much as a whimper. Literally. She didn’t make much of a sound the first 10 minutes. It’s been almost exactly 1 day and she has yet to make much of a fuss for us. The funny part, each time the nurses take her out of the room, they bring her back crying and they think she’s such a demanding baby but she stops as soon as she goes to either of us. I don’t mind that.

The kids have been really excited to see her. It was nice to see them wanting to spend time holder her and saying hello to her.






I’ve gotten a lot of crap about not getting sleep and a lot of the stuff that new parents need to get used to, but after the fifth, I expect that the sleep will actually improve. Amy had it kinda rough and we’re glad it’s over. We are definitely happy the pregnancy is over and looking forward to watching her grow up.


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Sep 23 2008

Three And Oh

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I haven’t been able to say that since 2003. The Denver Broncos are 3 – 0. So far, it’s been pretty exciting following them too. Denver also has a really good shot to go 4 – 0 when they go up against a struggling Chiefs team. Yeah, yeah. I know they got lucky last week, but just like in a lot of things, it takes some luck for things to go your way to make a good run.

To make it even better, there hasn’t been any shortage of action either. Denver has scored a league best 114 points so far this year showing the type of offense that hasn’t been seen in Denver since their Super Bowl years of last decade.

I’ve seen it stated a few times that 3 – 0 teams finish in the playoffs better than 75% of the time. That’s good for Shanahan who promised this summer that the Broncos would make the playoffs. Which is also good for me as it’s been 2 years since I’ve cared about the post season. I’m still excited about the potential of this season… but it’s a long season.

Unfortunately their success has not rubbed off on me. I’m in 2 fantasy football leagues this year. In both my family keeper league and some small league of coworkers, I am 0 – 3. The small league is really too small to take too seriously so I’m not to torn up about that one. With only 6 people and every one having good players, some people are just gonna get lucky and others aren’t.

What has really bothered me are my results in the family league. 3 losses, all 3 I’ve lost against the highest scorer of the week. It’s like I’m my own cooler. Combine that with me losing my keeper QB (Brady) and WR (Colston) to injuries, it hasn’t been a good year. Even despite that, I’ve done alright. In week 2, I was the second highest scorer for the week, but that does you little good when facing the top scorer. Sigh

My fantasy football woes aside, I am still far more stoked about Denver’s success. I would be more than happy to lose the pool for the success of the Broncos. It would be worth the entry fee for me. I wouldn’t mind it if I didn’t have to though…


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Sep 17 2008

Baby Cinco

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A couple of the names that came out of tonight’s supper time, baby name brainstorming session.

  • First name Knife, second name (middle name) Knife
  • Knife Cuts Tree (I sense a theme here)
  • Yum Yum I Love Bread

All of these were supplied by Avery (#3) and after we all laughed at that last one, they just started to get ridiculous. The most likely of these, Knife Knife Nelson, somehow still didn’t make the cut.


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Sep 14 2008

Tap Tap Tap, Is This Thing Still On?

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I’ve had a few people bugging me that I haven’t been posting. Like all my other posting droughts, it’s not due to nothing I wanted to post. There has been tons going on and hopefully over the next week, I’ll find time to some of those that are still relevant.

In short it’s been due to being busy with kids back in school, me having a new position, the impending birth of Baby Cinco and my laptop taking a big dump – again. This time for good as I don’t feel like replacing the motherboard for it. It’s been quite a summer for things breaking down in this house.

My technology issues are probably boring though, so I’ll change the subject back to being busy. Most parents wait for their kids to go back to school to get a break. For us, things just get worse as it’s another thing that we need to fit into an already busy day. Pile on that the fact that our kids are now back in touch with their social circle, GG any free time. Our house has resumed it’s role as the congregation ground for any and all neighborhood kids that have nothing better to do. Plus, we have a snack drawer and apparently that’s a pretty popular feature.

IM chats are pretty popular on my circle of blogs lately, so here’s one that wraps up that subject. As a bonus, it’s a chat with the wife which are always epic. And by epic, I mean amusing. And by amusing, I mean I am probably the only one who laughs at them.

amy: there are far too many children here
Me: start sniping them
amy: tempting
amy: i had said trevor and bryce could come, and the 3 sweeneys were here waiting when theboys got home, which was fine
amy: trevor didn’t come with, so i thought he decided not to come-10 minutes later he shows up with trent and kristen-not at the door asking if they could play, just cme right in and made themselves at home
amy: i had told the boys this morning they couldn’t come over, since they had other friends coming, but they never asked, and it feels kind of mean to literally kick them out
Me: I bet you if they walked in once and we were having sex, that would put a stop to that right then and there
amy: you have such good ideas
Me: I know
Me: and they just come to me


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