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Dec 21 2008


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There are few things I hate more in the world than shopping and people (particularly the breed of people who happen to be in the stores). Awesome that we are in the prime time of the christmas shopping season, then right? Well, I was all wrapped up with it short of dragging the kids around and explaining to them why they should pick something other than the awesome WordWorld train for their mother.

So yeah, we all go out in the -30 windchill weather and catch a lucky break to not have to walk 2 football lengths into the wind with a flock of kids to the store and snag a prime parking location. My good fortune would pretty much end there for the trip.

I won’t go into the gory details with a play by play, but I’ll just tease with missing kids, a shit ton of people, and a glove lost from 2 different sets when it was all said and done. But I lived through it. I persevered and come out stronger (read more irritable) in the end.

To add to my frustration build up, last night we went out to finalize some food shopping at Sam’s Club so our guests this week will have all sorts of tasty viddles to munch upon. On some Friday afternoon reflection of my impending weekend activities, I made the observation that I would rather self administer a catheter to avoid the tasks set before me. After going through the ordeal, I still stand by that assessment.

Seriously. Some one our there come up with a service to fix this. Next year is only gonna come all to soon.


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Dec 17 2008

Obligatory Proud Parent Post

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Last night TJ tested for his black belt in taekwondo. He did a great job, even though he was nervous and anxious. I think I may have been more nervous than him though, especially during the board breaking.

Watching your kids have the potential to fail and knowing you can’t do anything to help them any more is just too nerve racking. But he didn’t fail so all is well :)

It was also my first attempt at playing around with iMovie. I think it went alright for a first shot and only took about an hour to edit (learning process FTL). Since it was easy enough, it can only mean more videos to follow.


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Dec 15 2008

Re: Nippy

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Zooks thinks it’s cold???

I’ll show her cold:



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Dec 13 2008

Snow Looming

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The National Weather Service has issued a blizzard watch for this afternoon through Sunday. I can’t tell you how excited that makes me. Nothing better than being trapped in the house for the weekend. Not that I would really want to go any where with the crazed seasonal shoppingers running about, but it would be nice to know I could if I wanted too.

Last night we did our annual Christmas light viewing. Picking the night to do it this weekend was made easy do to the weather warning. Not to mention, I can’t tell you how happy I am to use $1.69 gas to make the cruise around town instead of the steep costs we’ve had to deal with in recent years.

We popped in the iPod, grabbed some frosty’s and spent about two hours roaming around town checking out the effort others (not us) put in.

I’ve never really been a big fan of winter. Some people love the opportunity to go skiing or snow mobiling or whatever it is that people do in the winter. Not so much me. I mean, I don’t mind taking the kids to the sledding hill and watching them having fun from the comfort of the warming house, but the amount of time I get to enjoy the weather is heavily outweighed by the amount of time it’s just too fucking cold.


This year has been unusual. It snowed early in the first week of November and has stuck around since. Once it hit Thanksgiving, I gave up hope of being rid of the white stuff until spring overtakes the scene.

On the bright side, the cold weather will just give me more motivation to stay inside and play some poker. I’ve been running well, so it won’t take much to motivate me and the more time I can put in, the better.


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Dec 11 2008

This is What I Have to Deal with on Daily Basis

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Let me preface this with: I have a very intelligent wife. Some concepts just elude her grasp of understanding. Like the discussion we had on why 4 wheel drive doesn’t make it any easier to stop even though that it being called 4 wheel DRIVE and not 4 wheel STOP, should have given her a clue.

But I thought this conversation was amusing anyway – even though it will likely end up getting me in trouble, I think it may be worth it.

Me: Street view of our house
Amy: why is your truck there?
Me: what do you mean?
Me: that’s our house
Amy: i know-but isn’t it like a constant satellite image?
Me: yes, satellites are flying around at street level constantly taking pictures of our house
Amy: they have zoom
Me: they have detailed zoom that can take a 90 degree angle shot?
Amy: cool, huh?
Me: earth called, it would like you to come back now

We’ll see what kind of backlash comes from this. If I don’t live through it, I hope you enjoy it as my last gift to my half dozen or so readers.


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Dec 07 2008

Self Gifting

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Let’s roll back about 4 months ago. I was still playing quite a bit of poker and didn’t have a lot of intentions to stop. Then my laptop broke, I got more responsibilities at work and, of course, there was the birth of cinco. It was difficult to find the time, motivation and a computer to keep up my hobby. Fast forward to a month ago, I had flip flopped and didn’t have a lot of intentions to start playing. A least, not playing with the frequency I had been. Sure, I had been logging in and playing the occasional tourney, but wasn’t putting in thousands of hands a week or month. I probably had 1000 hands between August and October total.

With a few grand tied up in my poker sites and no intention of using it, I decided it might be nice to get some personal upgrades for me and the family. We initially ended up getting a new TV to replace the 27″ tube that we bought more than several years ago with a tax return. We didn’t get anything super great, but I think it was a decent deal.

New TV

It’s a 1080p 42″ Vizio LCD that we got for $700. Now if only my cable company had more HD channels without paying a premium.

The other thing I wanted to do was to get a computer for myself so I could quit dragging my work laptop around. At first, I was looking for just best value I could get in a 15″ monitor. The front runner in that configuration was an Acer. Then fate intervened right when I was about to pull the trigger on that by taking aim at the lifeblood of our family and killed the family vehicle. Our minivan is the only vehicle we have that fits our whole family, and it wasn’t a cheap repair. That’s a frustrating post for another day, though. Basically, I was now stuck in a spot where I knew some extra money would go a long way. How was I gonna do this?

Me: <dials on my cell phone>
Me: Hello, poker?
Me: Yeah, I know we haven’t talked in a while.
Me: I was just busy is all, but hey I’d like to get back together again.
Me: Yeah, I could use some extra money again and we had a good history. You wanna give it a shot?
Me: Ok, cool. Thanks

Changing my usage of my laptop certainly changed my requirements. Like a beam of sun breaking through the clouds directing me to my poker slaying sword, I got led to a gaming laptop from MSI. It arrived friday and while I haven’t played any poker on it yet, I did get it set up and it seems like it will fit nicely.

New Laptop

It’s a 17″ laptop that supports 1680 x 1050 (good enough for 4 tabling), has a core 2 duo 2.1 ghz proc, 3 GB ram and 512 dedicated vram. When I read reviews, it also talked about “fun pack” that came with it but wasn’t clear what exactly was in it from the place I ordered it. Friday I was pleasantly surprised to see that consisted of a mouse, headset, backpack and a copy of Halo 2. As I said, it was geared as a gaming laptop. All this packaged up for $700, seemed like a good deal and right now, feels to be every bit of that.

I know that neither of these items is particularly balla (see baller). Hey, I’m a married 30 something father of 5 with a day job. If there is anything in my life that could be construed as balla, please point it out to me.

Hello poker my old friend. Looks like we are back together again.


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