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Feb 27 2009

I think my Poker Needs a Bailout Too

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toothpaste for dinner


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Feb 23 2009

Simpler Perspectives

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I had just gotten done yelling at the kids to shut the car door as I dropped them off for school. Avery had an interesting perspective on the situation.

Me: Your brothers are something else.
Avery: No, TJ is TJ and Clayton is a dork.


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Feb 01 2009

20k or Bust!

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In late December, I had goals of hitting 20k hands for the month of January. I was playing 6 tables and had 4 days off from work to start out and was trying to clear a bonus.

20k or bust, and both nearly happened.

By the 4th of January, I had almost 8k hands played so I was well on my way. I did end up getting sick and missed 5 days shortly there after which put me a bit behind schedule. That, plus the fact that I had a working BR of around 2600 starting the month (600 of that was deposited for the bonus I was clearing), I decided to take shots back at 100nl. Unfortunately, I ran poorly and consequently tilted off a couple stacks due to frustration. By the time I cleared my bonus, I was down $1000 for the month. Running bad and playing bad are a disastrous combination for the BR.

I actually wasn’t running superbad until the last couple thousand hands. Check the chart out.


So once I cashed out the bonus deposit (plus a bit extra to make the wife happy), I ended up having a BR of just over a grand spread between 3 sites. I haven’t been that low since the first year I started out.

The biggest demotivator was that I was only bankrolled for the 25s and I really didn’t have the motivation to move down to those stakes. I ended up taking a couple of days off, but I have been working on changing the way I play so much lately, that I really wanted to play. I didn’t want to quit playing poker.

I had 3 options. Quitting, which due to my newly found motivation to play, didn’t really sit in my mind long. Moving down, which only really required swallowing some pride and ego an a worry that I could take the bets seriously. There were a lot of cases where I would say, “well, it’s only $5 to call on the river” without taking into consideration that it was actually a 20 big blind bet. The last option was to seek out a stake. While I think I could have found some one who would be willing to do this even if it was just some one doing me a favor. The bad part of this, is that I wouldn’t want to give up a significant amount of my profits to some one else (not that I need the money) and I wouldn’t want to think I was giving a friend a raw deal. The other reason I was thinking against this was that I wasn’t terribly confident in my play lately due to my poor results through most of January.

Ok, so that really just left sucking up my ego and, obviously, adjusting some of my play so that I didn’t keep leaking money even at the micro stakes. What I really needed was some coaching to pick up a lot of general play adjustments that I could use some help on. But I couldn’t really couldn’t afford that since my BR was now basically decimated. I decided to do the next best thing and started watching videos from players I could learn from. I started out watching some of the free videos at Leggo and continued watching the member videos they have there. I think it has helped a lot.

One of the goals I would like to have is turn my non-showdown hands (the red line in the chart above) into profitable hands at 100nl and lower. So I’ve been working on my aggression. I went from a 16/11 player to something more like a 25/21 player and the videos I’ve watched have done wonders in helping me make that adjustment. I don’t have any charts of my hands since I decided to move back to cake due to most of my BR being at cake at the moment, but I believe if I did, it would show that I am in fact profitable wiht my non-showdown hands.

I’m still making adjustments to my game and intent to keep watching videos when I’m not playing. I think what I’ve learned in the last 2 weeks has been more than I’ve learned at poker in the last 18 months though. Mostly a lot of misapplied concepts that I have a better understanding of now. Plus being more aggressive allows you to get more action. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes that’s bad. As long as I can run reasonably well, it will be good in the long run.

I cleared my bonus on the 16th which is what the chart above shows. After that point I moved down to the 25s (20s at cake since they don’t run a .25 big blind game) and have done well since. I played almost 6000 hands the last couple of weeks and made over $170 back. My month ended with 19570 and ended up only $680 in the red for the month counting bonuses.

19k hands is by far, the most hands I’ve ever played in a month and I don’t expect that to be a standard. My previous high for a month was around the 10k mark. I am, however, going to try and maintain around 15k hands a month and until I have a reason, will probably split my time between cake and full tilt so I can play some of the monthly freerolls they have for earning points. I don’t like playing freerolls, but when you are building a bankroll back, you have to do what you can to get money.

I’m going to try and play as many hands as I can reasonably work in as I hate playing this low. At cake, I’m probably $400 short of moving up right now, and full tilt, I might move up a bit quicker once I have the bankroll to play the 50s at cake. If you are playing that level at either of those sites, I’m sure I’ll be seeing you at the tables.


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