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Apr 15 2009

An Hour of Your Life You Will Definitely Want Back

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Last night, after a lot of trial and error, I got camstudio setup to do some screen capturing. Some one had asked me to take some video of me playing. This isn’t instructional, it’s to evaluate my play so I didn’t talk much in it. Despite being a bit nervous at exposing my play to criticism, it was kinda fun once it was done. I will probably do this again and I will try and talk a bit more (and get a better microphone than the built in one on the deck of my laptop) to make it at least slightly more interesting.

So here it is in all it’s glory. 50 minutes of me complaining about all the short stackers at the full ring 25′s on full tilt.


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Apr 12 2009

Happy Easter

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We took off on Thursday to the internetless inlaws. A 3 hour drive to a black whole of digital oblivion. We got there and most of their cousins were there and had already settled in. They had time to make up for it and were bound and determined to do it.

What happens when you get a bunch of kids together in a zone that is ruled by grandparents eager to say yes? You turn normally well behaved children into overtired, sugared up, crabby zombies whining at the slightest hint of anything resembling adult supervision. Other than that, the kids were great.

Being without internet was a tough necessity to be without. Seriously, how was life sustained on earth those millions of years prior to even basic AOL? I was proud that I did find ways to resist using internet for almost a full day and a half. I was fortunate to be busy cooking, watching a baby and the occasional simcity session. Once day 2 came around, the need for interaction with people and information that reached beyond the farmyard became abundantly clear though. That and my brother in law needed his fix of fantasy hockey. I wasn’t the only internet starved soul out there.

Day 2 was also filled with a test of how out of shape I was as I helped sheetrock half a bathroom. Some other poor sap who had come before me had been tasked with the first half of it so I only had to bat cleanup. Pushing keys doesn’t seem to keep you in the type of shape needed for manual labor. Who woulda thought?

Late Day 2 evening, one of our neighbors gives us a call to let us know that my back window seemed to be missing from my truck back home. O RLY? A few calls and my parents dealing with the cops later, we find out that some one thought my truck would look better with a bud light bottle stuck to the back window. I think their technique needs work. Looks like the Jimmy will be retired a bit sooner than we had planned. Good news is that gives me an excuse to dust off the Trans Am. Isn’t that what all father’s of 5 should be driving?

Day 3, I end up playing the freeroll on full tilt I didn’t think I would get to. Early on I get to be 4th in chips as I caught some hands but end up busting out short of the money after I lose a coin flip (AK < JJ) and get short stacked. My inevitable shove was not much to write about.

On the ride home TJ got car sick fueled by exhaustion, candy, pop and an unhealthy dose of pickles right before we left for the ride home. I wasn’t able to get completely stopped before we found out just how many pickles it was. On a related note, I think the van could use some detailing.

As you can tell, my weekend was awesome. Wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope yours was at least as eventful.


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