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Jul 20 2009

Cornucopia Post

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I’m gonna try and stuff this full of some of the things I’ve been neglecting to post lately. Summer has been busy and I just haven’t been taking the time to update this like I wanted to. Well, shutup and take what I give you.

The kids have been super busy.

Avery and Zoe are doing swimming lessons right now. I think they are enjoying that but it’s hard to tell when you ask Amy about how Zoe refuses to get in the water every day but also refuses to leave cause she wants to swim.

Clayton just finished up his baseball season which I was helping out with cause, well, they really need as much help as they can get. I am also still gonna post the video of Clayton get his black belt, but I’m gonna throw the excuse that Amy’s laptop has been acting up lately. That, and well, between her and TJ, it’s hard to get access to it.

TJ hasn’t done a whole lot extra this summer but he’s been more helpful lately. Even offering to mow the lawn, which I’m totally cool with. We also moved him to the basement this summer which he’s been stoked about. Hopefully it won’t be a temporary solution but we’ll have to address winter as it gets like 40 degrees down there in the summer. I’m ok with that, but Amy seems to think Child Services might not be so keen on it.

Sadie keeps getting bigger and has been teasing us with her walking now for weeks. She just hasn’t built up the confidence to try it without holding some one’s fingers. Personally, I think she’s just being a baby about the whole situation.

I’ll be frank and just tell you that poker has been absorbing much of my free time. Last month, I was all kicking ass and taking names. I had my first $3k month ever and, even though I’m being staked and only getting half of that, I was pretty pumped about the success none the less. This month has been a huge kick to the crotch as far as poker goes, so hopefully I can turn it around and at least have a break even month at the end. For the first time ever, I’ve been putting in more hands than I ever have, have been really motivated to play and could even seriously consider doing this full time if I ever get to the point of playing high enough to sustain a comfortable living from it.

That’s a pretty big pipe to stuff a dream into but that brings me to the next part. There have been changes at work that have pretty much brought it back to the soul sucking source of income most people cope with and pretend to be happy. I’m not gonna lie and say that hasn’t been a big driving force for my poker playing, but I am gonna lie and say that if I ever do get to that point in my poker career that I don’t need a “day job”, that I’ll miss it terribly.

Word press is telling me I’ve eclipsed 500 words and I hate wordy blog posts when other people post them, so I’ll try and wrap this up here. I really do miss posting here and while I have been pretty active on my twitter account, I really want to get back to making more posts here. I don’t always come through with my intentions, but I’ll make an honest attempt. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I don’t really know what that means, but I’m sure it really says something important about my blog.


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