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Dec 13 2009

Resurrecting the Dead

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Wow. Has it really been almost 4 months since I’ve updated this?

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

While I don’t think I’m going to hell… well, at least not for failing to update my blog, I have had the good intentions of keeping this updated. I fell a bit short. As usual, it certainly wasn’t due to a lack of content so lets see if I can correct this bad habit of neglecting this thing.

Gonna keep this “resurrecting my blog” post short and just give a few updates on things.

The family is doing pretty well. I wanted to do a whole “Sadie is 1″ post back in September, but I think that ship has passed so won’t go back to revisit that. Just gonna try and do better going forward.

We got pretty busy around our house this year, and while I would like to blame it on having 5 kids, I think it’s more to do with the older kids getting… well… older and just having more stuff going on. We are taking a break from taekwondo for the first time in almost 4 years, so hopefully that will help us get our sanity back.

Poker has been going pretty decent and I’m having a decent year so far. Gonna continue my streak of not having a losing year which looked like was possibly in danger if you asked me back in the first quarter. I won’t go into to much, but I’ll give some results since my last post. I made money in all but 1 month when I lost about $1400 in October. August I made $3100. September was my gem month where I made $3700. In November, I was on my way to competing with September, but took a bit of a slide at the end of the month and only banked $2200. I’m gonna try and be a bit more diligent with my posts, so again, will just cover things noteworthy in the future and not relive what has passed.

Work is the one area I wouldn’t mind see being a bit better. I don’t really want to get into gory details and I do feel fortunate to not be in the situation that so many people are in currently, but I’ll just say while I like my job and the people, I don’t really care for the work I’m doing and really just am sitting back and hoping things work themselves out at this point.

As I said, I’ve had tons of content, so I’ll try and find time to get the stories of my life out there a bit more frequently. I’ve set the bar pretty low this year, so shouldn’t be hard to hit. Hurray for low bars!!!


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