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Sep 21 2010

Awesome is

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Awesome is making this post from my bed. No, not from my laptop. From my phone in my bed.
How cool I’d that? OK OK. I’m easily excited. But I still think its cool.
Does this increase the likelihood that I will make more posts? Prolly not. Hey, I’m just being realistic here.
It really just gives me yet another way for me to neglect this thing. But I am neglecting it in one of the most high tech ways possible.


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Sep 09 2010

It’s Been a While

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Despite cloudy skies and dreary weather, today is a good day. How could it not be?

TJ (#13) had his first football game tonight. They didn’t win, but I think he played well. Like I was gonna say otherwise.


It also sounds like he had a good time. I’m glad he seems to be enjoying it. I am always happy to have something in common with my kids and if it makes him care a bit more about his grades and school work so he stays eligible, that’s not a bad thing either.


He did get to play starting WR for his group which is awesome. His team didn’t through a single pass though so I kinda feel bad he didn’t get much opportunity to do much more than blocking (as seen above). But he took his role seriously and seemed to do a good job.

As I post this, I’m watching the first football game of the season. That and a Sunset Wheat is making my evening quite relaxing. Ok, so it didn’t hurt that the dear wife offered to put the youngins to bed so I could enjoy the game. Thanks, Sugar Booger.

So is the only good things in my life football? No, but they are definitely something I’ve been waiting for. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to enjoy the greatest sport.

Things have been a bit hectic this summer. Fortunately school is back which should force us to get back on a schedule. I might even start posting more regularly. I’m not making any promises.


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