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Jun 21 2011

Wife Chat: I’m Winning

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This is a completely unadulterated transcript of our chat (since I got accused of taking create license last time).

me: Don’t know how it happened, but I’m beating you on twitter again
and by beating, I mean I have more followers
and by more followers, I mean I’ve attracted more spam bots that have yet to be removed than you
amy: congratulations
me: TY

But now I kind of feel bad about beating her. It’s an empty victory. So follow her here.


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Jun 12 2011

Thanks, Amy

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We went out to my parent’s house yesterday for supper. Nothing special, but we were invited out. My mom’s computer wasn’t able to connect to her wifi network, but I’m sure that had nothing to do with the invite.

Anyway, we don’t have a scale, but my mom always has one. Out of curiosity, I have a habit of weighing myself when we are there. This time was no different. I have been getting plenty of exercise lately thanks to the great deluge. Don’t know if any one told you, but sandbagging is hard work.

Conversation on the way home:

Me: I weighed myself on Mom’s scale and it said 193. I think I’ve lost like 10 lbs. (I had previously weighed around 205)
Amy: I think her scale is off.
Me: *gives Amy a deflated look*
Me: Thanks


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