Jun 23 2007

Short Sessions and Knowing When to Quit

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Monkey killing monkey killing monkey
Over pieces of the ground.

I finally had a winning night after 2 horrible days. I didn’t play Thursday night so I had a break. Since I would like to build my roll back up, I was playing only 1 100 table and 2 50s. I made money at 2 of the tables playing a short session. I was tired, but I figured I could still just stick to my plan of playing some ABC poker and tighten up. I only played half an hour when I played a hand where I had to figure out where I was at. It wasn’t even complicated. At that point, I knew I was getting tired and just needed to quit before I did some BR damage.

Hand 1:
Seat 1: NCCaramel ($26.40)
Seat 2: LegalRobbery ($49.25)
Seat 3: espnman04 ($76.15)
Seat 4: Black Blasphemy ($52.85)
Seat 5: Keno playa ($55.35)
Seat 6: MacAnthony ($46.75)
NCCaramel posts the small blind of $0.25
LegalRobbery posts the big blind of $0.50
The button is in seat #6
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to MacAnthony [9♠ 8♦]
espnman04 folds
Black Blasphemy folds
Keno playa folds
espnman04 stands up
MacAnthony raises to $1.50
NCCaramel folds
LegalRobbery calls $1
*** FLOP *** [6♠ K♦ A♣]
LegalRobbery checks
MacAnthony bets $2.50
LegalRobbery folds
Uncalled bet of $2.50 returned to MacAnthony
MacAnthony mucks
MacAnthony wins the pot ($3.10)
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $3.25 | Rake $0.15
Board: [6♠ K♦ A♣]
Seat 1: NCCaramel (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 2: LegalRobbery (big blind) folded on the Flop
Seat 3: espnman04 didn’t bet (folded)
Seat 4: Black Blasphemy didn’t bet (folded)
Seat 5: Keno playa didn’t bet (folded)
Seat 6: MacAnthony (button) collected ($3.10), mucked

While the hand itself isn’t exciting or insightful, what had happened was, I had raise trying to take down the blinds. Fortunately, the blinds in this case had seemed reasonable players and wouldn’t get stubborn. Especially considering how conservatively I was playing. Being I was playing 3 tables, I had looked away to attend to another table and the “bing” sound of action to me popped up. I had to sit there for a moment and decipher the hand though. I knew I wouldn’t have limp, called a raise, so I figured I must have raised. Since I raised I figured I should continuation bet considering my solid, but unimaginative opponent. Right there since I couldn’t remember what I had done a mere 15 seconds prior, convinced me I was too tired to play.

Hand 2:
Seat 1: Born2Greatness ($167.95)
Seat 2: shades8757 ($50.60)
Seat 3: MacAnthony ($106.30)
Seat 4: gbud1 ($23.20)
Seat 5: Peskador ($34)
Seat 6: riveredagain18 ($125.25)
Born2Greatness posts the small blind of $0.50
shades8757 posts the big blind of $1
The button is in seat #6
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to MacAnthony [A♠ J♦]
MacAnthony has 15 seconds left to act
MacAnthony raises to $3.50
gbud1 folds
Peskador folds
riveredagain18 folds
Born2Greatness folds
shades8757 calls $2.50
*** FLOP *** [T♣ 2♥ Q♥]
shades8757 checks
MacAnthony checks
*** TURN *** [T♣ 2♥ Q♥] [K♦]
shades8757 bets $10
MacAnthony has 15 seconds left to act
MacAnthony raises to $102.80, and is all in
shades8757 calls $37.10, and is all in
MacAnthony shows [A♠ J♦]
shades8757 shows [Q♦ T♠]
Uncalled bet of $55.70 returned to MacAnthony
*** RIVER *** [T♣ 2♥ Q♥ K♦] [4♣]
MacAnthony shows a straight, Ace high
shades8757 shows two pair, Queens and Tens
MacAnthony wins the pot ($98.70) with a straight, Ace high
shades8757 is sitting out
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $101.70 | Rake $3
Board: [T♣ 2♥ Q♥ K♦ 4♣]
Seat 1: Born2Greatness (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 2: shades8757 (big blind) showed [Q♦ T♠] and lost with two pair, Queens and Tens
Seat 3: MacAnthony showed [A♠ J♦] and won ($98.70) with a straight, Ace high
Seat 4: gbud1 didn’t bet (folded)
Seat 5: Peskador didn’t bet (folded)
Seat 6: riveredagain18 (button) didn’t bet (folded)

This was the only hand of interest in the 131 hand session (I said it was short). I deviated from my normal play a bit with not continuation betting this flop. There was enough there that it was likely to have hit something close there and the players at full tilt seem to be a lot more check/raise happy than I’m used to. So I checked behind and hit gold on the turn making my gutshot. I was gonna just do a normal raise and then I saw that I was all but putting the guy allin with my raise so I went for a shove hoping to look like a desperation overbet. It must have since he instacalled and he didn’t hit his 4 outer.

All in all, I ended up making about $65 and cleared a portion of the bonus that was released. Not much, but at least it’s on the positive side. Hopefully I can keep up the good play and will find some good games.


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3 Responses to “Short Sessions and Knowing When to Quit”

  1. Scotton 25 Jun 2007 at 2:13 pm

    Note classic half-stack defending his BB from UTG raise with QT off and getting stacked.

    Shorty actually overbet the pot there didn’t he? That’s a sure sign he wants to get all-in…easy push here w/ the nuts… here’s a tidbit of experience for 100NL on http://FTP... if you get checkraised full pot (or near enough) or overbet on, they’re going with the hand all the way — so not time to try to bluff a draw (but maybe time to call a bet to try to get the rest if you have a big enough draw…) The list of players creative enough to actually do that with air is so short at 100NL level it’s not even worth worrying about.

    That is a hard turn to call a raise with with middle two, as well. He must have really thought you had AK. Scratch that, I’m sure his thought process was “I made 2pr I have the best hand.” AK is really the only hand he beats here and I don’t think it’s wise for AK to push over a turn leadout on that board, because all AK beats is KJ, which, btw, people LOVE to call raises with out of the blinds.

    BTW, where are you getting your bonus on FT from? I “don’t currently have any bonus offers”… and heck, you have RB there and I don’t….

  2. Anthonyon 25 Jun 2007 at 2:27 pm

    Yeah, he instacalled once I pushed and as soon as he did and I saw his hand, I was certain he put me on AK. A reasonable assumption against a lot of these players. And yes, he did overbet the pot. My guess there was to protect against a draw (which… ooops… got there already).
    I really wasn’t gonna shove on him, but as I said in the post, a pot sized raised left him with only a small amount left. I thought the overbet looked a little more weak too.
    I was totally gonna tell you about the bonus last week, but some one always seems to be hidden on his IM. Last week FTP has a bonus offer that you had to accept like they had before. I was gonna tell you since I know you have an issue with getting the offer emails. I’m pretty sure the offer expired the 21st.

  3. Scotton 25 Jun 2007 at 3:45 pm

    I would push here against a full stack at FTP 100NL 6max. You will get a call after these signs of (their) strength. They absolutely can’t stand folding any kind of ‘big’ hand. They will barely release TPGK. The big difference between 100 and 50 is probably that at 50 they never ever release TPGK, and at 100 they sometimes will.

    I swear I checked my bonus offer last week and didn’t have anything. Maybe it expired sooner than the 21st. Son of a…

    Can you PM some guys from #btp and ask them how they funded their Cake accounts? And as for IM, I am pretty sure offline messages work :P

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