Jun 26 2007

Is It Wrong To Gain Enjoyment From Others’ Pain???

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<GodlikeRoy> i’m playing the worst stud h/l player in the world HU
<GodlikeRoy> he constantly check-calls 4 streets then check-folds
<emmasdad> lol
<MacAnthony> h2t?
<GodlikeRoy> it just may be..
<emmasdad> too bad he is almost out of money
<GodlikeRoy> yah
<GodlikeRoy> here’s to hoping he reloads
<MacAnthony> you gotta egg him on “Wow, I just got hit with the deck. Good thing you are almost out of money”
<GodlikeRoy> lol
<emmasdad> wheel???
<GodlikeRoy> nop paired 2s
<GodlikeRoy> had A234 with 3 spades
<emmasdad> :)
<emmasdad> YES
<GodlikeRoy> GodlikeRoy: man i got really lucky then
<GodlikeRoy> chuckybrown7: nah
<GodlikeRoy> chuckybrown7: u playing more
<GodlikeRoy> GodlikeRoy: not really, i had pretty good cards all the time
<GodlikeRoy> GodlikeRoy: kept hitting
<GodlikeRoy> Dealer: A new game will start in 15 seconds
<GodlikeRoy> i think he just put his whole BR on the line
<GodlikeRoy> NO, GO AWAY swiss mister
<emmasdad> YEAH HE RELOADED FOR 354.75
<emmasdad> lol
<MacAnthony> haha

When it has to do with poker, I’m gonna go with no…


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2 Responses to “Is It Wrong To Gain Enjoyment From Others’ Pain???”

  1. Juson 29 Jun 2007 at 1:49 am

    Roy playing 30/60 Stud h/l really bugged me and finally convinced me to go back to playing the stud variants. I hope he keeps doing so, because it will be incentive to get back up there (not that I have reached that high on a regular basis).

  2. Royon 29 Jun 2007 at 1:57 am

    Glad to be of service :)

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