Dec 27 2006

Happy Holidays and Uber post

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Well, I haven’t been on top of keeping up with this as I would have liked, but it’s not due to losing interest. In fact, I have had several items I had started but never completed due to time restraints and then realizing the posts relevance or timeliness just didn’t seem appropriate. I am going to work on  finishing the posts I  start and then we should all be kosher.

Christmas went through quickly and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We had my inlaws in for the weekend and the kids most definitely had a good time. Everyone seemed to make out pretty well or at least I didn’t notice any one who was unhappy. We still have one more christmas session to go through when we go to my parents this weekend. I am eagerly waiting for the holiday season to be over and getting back to some semblance of normalcy.

The Broncos surprised me this weekend by actually pulling off a victory over the Bengals. I had all but given up hope on the thoughts of the playoffs. Now, they are firmly in control of their playoff hopes with a win this week guaranteeing a spot and even if they lose, they can get in with some help. That will have to be my one shining spot for football this year. I was concentrating on my poker game quite a bit this year, so I haven’t spent the time I normally do watching/following football. That could be either be seen as a bad thing or a good thing. This has, however, shown up in my fantasy football skillz. I had 3 teams this year with one being a money league. The one money league from a group of people from btp I ended up tieing my final two games to squeak into the playoffs. 3 out of the 4 teams in the playoffs got paid. Where did I finish? Ugh… I took 4th when the two games I played featured my opponents having tremendous games. Both games, there was no hope in me winning the games. Well played by them all and hopefully I fair better next year.

Speaking of poker, I did end up signing up at PokerStars once my bonus expired at FTP. I had some shaky results early on there since at that time they only had full ring PLO and PLO8 games running. I decided to play PLO8 then since I was doing better at that game and the players seemed to be pretty horrible. I still missed the short handed play I had gotten used to at FTP though. Then I sign on last night and download the stars update and what’s this??? Short handed games!!! Hurray for box! So I played some last night, again with mixed results (I broke even due to one hand that I’m debating on if I played it correct). But for the most part, I felt good about my play and was definitely more comfortable. I will post something a little more in depth on my poker month later.

So what does that leave out? Oh, Zoe’s surgery. She was fine and seemed to recover quickly from the tubes she had put in. It hasn’t seemed to help her sleeping much yet but she does seem to be doing much better with her hearing. She had a follow up appointment and passed the hearing tests. Now that she seems to be feeling better, she has also been getting a lot more mobile. She has started to scoot on the hardwood floor and it won’t be long before she is really getting around.


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