Dec 28 2006

Rib Riot!!

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Last night we went to Space Aliens, a local family restaurant chain with games kinda like Chuck E. Cheese but only with good food. Of course wednesdays would need to be Rib Riot day which is an all you can eat festival of barbecuey rib goodness.  So I do my best to try and channel Kobayashi and dig in. It was a pathetic attempt, I must say, but at least the effort was a tasty one. The kids also had fun and I think my wife was just happy not to have to cook. We actually went with my mom, my sister and her 3 kids and my mom was watching my other nephew so a total of 12 people. Space Aliens was really the only option.

If I had been 10 years younger, I would have punished their foolishness of having an all you can eat option though, much like I used to for the all you can eat shrimp back when we used to have a skippers. I very likely single handedly forced them to close their doors when I was younger. I used to go back so many times, they would start giving me like 4 shrimp in my basket and shoot glaring looks like I was somehow milking the system. All you can eat specials vs a teen aged boy’s metabolism? Advantage metabolism.

To sum up, hurray BBQ ribs, boo no more skippers.


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