Dec 29 2006

Digital World

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Even though I long fought it, I have resigned to the fact that digital photos are going to replace film. I was kind of a purist when it came to photography for the longest time mostly due the fact that I’m stubborn and wanted it to not be true. Fact is, it’s just way to easy and convenient for it not to happen especially with the quality gap closing so quickly. I still prefer film, but it’s a losing cause.

And now for my point. For christmas and our birthdays, there were quite a few people who just got us (us being Amy and I) gift certificates or muney. We deliberated on how we should put this to use. The typical, just pay bills came up, but what fun is that? Amy has been complaining about the quality of the pictures our digital camera takes lately and I have been motivated by some of the pictures a few of my friends have been taking and I brought up the idea of buying a decent digital camera. I took some photography classes in college that were required for my commercial art degree I was taking at the time, so I have a good basis of photography concepts. We have an old Sears (rebranded Pentax camera) SLR that was my parents that we traded them for my old point and shoot I got when I was in high school. It’s semi manual with things like focus that are manual but has some automated features. Amy hated it, but I liked the control (once I learned how to use it). Basically it just sits there unless Amy wants prints made and we normally take the digital cause it’s convenient.

Seriously, my point is coming… really.

Amy’s goal for the camera is to take better pics and be easy enough to use. Check. That’s pretty easy to accomplish. I hate the way our current camera eats up batteries like a 15 year old at a seafood buffet. But I would also like to be able to replace the old sears SLR, so that brings up new requirements.

Here’s the list:

  1. Good quality – atleast 5-6 MP.
  2. Rechargeable battery source – no more AA’s
  3. SLR – I gotsta have me some bellz and whistles
  4. Easy to use – all those bellz and whistles gotsta be automated too

So yesterday I did some poking around just to figure out what the damage would be. I really didn’t have a clue, but didn’t want to be needing a loan for a freakin camera. I came across this Olympus E-500 camera. It seems to fit the bill and from some of the reviews I read, seems to be a decent camera for the price. It’s definitely on the list. I haven’t done any real serious searching yet, but will have to decide something shortly. I want to have a camera in my hands before the kids’ next testing for taekwondo which will be the beginning of February. I may have to post some pictures of the last testing, but they pretty much sucked ballz. The digital zoom on the camera made them almost indistinguishable and blurry beyond recognition.

So, there is my goal, and my timeline. Any one have any help or suggestions, I’m all ears.


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  1. [...] The camera came today and I have to say that I couldn’t be happier. Well, I probably could, but not much. Amy was a little apprehensive about the size of it, but the pictures are real nice. I’m looking forward to playing around with it more. Now all I need to do is sign up for my pro flickr account. [...]

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