Aug 08 2007

Video: Social Bookmarking

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For a while now, I’ve been trying to convince those I believe have the capacity to deal with features of the web, of the benefits of social bookmarking. I’ve had mixed results. Some think it’s a tremendous innovation while others don’t get the point. I recently ran across a video that deals with the subject and does an excellent job of explaining it. The amusing part is, I ran across the video from it being features as a frequent link on a social bookmarking site. So not only is it a tutorial on how social bookmarking works, it is also a proof of concept that is does in fact work.

While I’ve known this for some time and could immediately see the potential of it, it’s still not a staple to internet usage of the general internet using public. I still hear complaints about lost bookmarks and their believed to be an inability to organize them in such a way to make the bookmarks useful. Upon hearing such complaints, I offer up the solution. I’m still surprised by the luke warm reception it typically receives. Even with the strides in migration from typical bookmark solutions to make the process easier, it seems people have a hard time letting go the way things have always been and they have become accustomed to. One would think that may have quelled their complaints. Not so.

For any others that I have yet converted run across this and “don’t get it”, then please take a look at the video. I promise that if you are frustrated with old fashioned bookmarking solutions, that this way is better. And for those that are lazy, I’ll even include the video below.


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