Aug 24 2007

Virtual Retardation

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It never ceases to amaze me just how ridiculously retarded people are and can be when given the anonymity of the internet as a potential cloak for their identity. Nice people become assholes, shy people become flirtatious and outgoing, and apparently, 45 year old ex-marines turn into a 18 year old marine currently serving his country and looking for some hot young tail(gotten via Paul Philips).

It’s amazing the types of things people will come up with when faced with the ability to become some one new. I think some adults miss the imaginative play they got when they were young. I just don’t see why they feel the need to take on that persona for a whole life. It’s much the same reason people become enveloped with things like WoW and online poker. Becoming something new to take them away from their ordinary and mundane lives.

Some of that is healthy, but some people don’t know how to handle it and take it too far. Drawing lines and knowing when enough it enough is important. For the most part, I think I’m the same sarcastic smart ass online that I am in real life. It’s also one of the reasons I decided not to hide my real identity so that there isn’t that separation between my real identity and my online one. That slippery slope in fictional online identities is a rough one. Sometimes, I think some people need a license to be able to get online, or at least a psych eval.

Even if you are honest yourself, you always have to be careful cause not everyone else is. You never know that 17 year old hottie who is inexplicably attracted to your 38 year old, fat, living with your mom ass turns out to be another 38 year old dude living with his mom. Now that I think about it, you guys are probably a perfect pair. I hope you both find cyber-happiness.


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