Aug 26 2007

Life Tilt Update

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A few weeks ago I outlined some goals to help with the “life tilt” I was experiencing at the time. August was probably a bad month to try and attempt changing certain things since it usually gets pretty busy for us. With the kids’ birthday party and school coming back, I always run short of time here.

I wasn’t able to keep up with a lot of the changes I wanted to make, but tried to get them in where I could. One of the things that has been helping me though was me reading more, which I have been doing. I always have read stuff quite a bit, but other than blogs and such on the web, I read very little for recreation. Well, I’ve been reading when I take the kids to taekwondo and trying to get some in the evenings. With a bunch of backlogged books that I have laying around here, I am in no shortage of things to read. I finally finished a book Amy bought for me a few years ago. It wasn’t that terribly great of a book, but if a book about a guy brought back to life to avenge the murder of his gay lover with the help of his recently deceased lover’s post-op tranvestite twin sister, then this book might be right up your alley.

The one part that I’ve been disappointed that I haven’t changed was the amount of TV I was watching. I did well for like a week, but that was more due to being busy and just not being around a TV than with an conscious effort to reduce it.

I’ve also been working a bit on the house but again, not to the extent that I would have liked. This is something that does take some effort more than myself for many of the things though and if I would score us as a couple, Amy and I have done well with this just cause she has carried any slack that I have let go during the last few weeks. She has really worked hard with a lot of it and done a great job.

But my whole goal was to try and make me happier at work. Looking back, I had a setup for failure in that department cause I was hoping that making myself happier in my life away from work would carry over into my work. Not a good plan considering it was my work that was adversely affecting my personal life. So I’ve decided to adjust some of my goals for work and hope that it will lead to better results.

Recently I’ve been more motivated to trying to find a larger home in a few years and would like that to be the major goal for the next few years (probaby 3 to 4). But it’s hard to stay motivated when you don’t plan on reaching your goal so far off, so I need to set some smaller milestones to serve as my personal carrot. This will carry over in my job since there are a few things I would need to change professional to make that dream come to fruition as well. It was a very similar thing we did when we planned on buying our current home, only that took a much smaller commitment of time and we got to where we needed to be in less than a year from when we really made a decision to do that. This is a much bigger commitment, but is much less crucial for us.

Poker will on several fronts will play a significant role in how achievable this is. I’ve stated before that I took a pretty decent break from poker at the beginning of the year, but I still want to try and at least equal the amount I had won last year in poker which was close to $4k. I got off to a slow start but I think I can make a good run at that and with some good bankroll goals, I should be able to get that to increase in the next few years. Hell, if I make a good run in next month’s WCOOP, I could definitely crush this goal and have a good kickstart on many of my other goals. GL to me for that one.
Best thing I can do is keep plugging away. At least if I keep putting it out here it makes me conscious of it and fresh in my mind. I don’t think any of my goals are unattainable , but they aren’t easy ones either. Hopefully the challenge motivates me more. Only time will tell.


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