Sep 29 2007

And Then, Sometimes Life Gets In The Way

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Life is what happens to
you while you’re busy
making other plans.
–John Lennon

Yesterday was just a crap day of all crap days. There were multiple issues that not only put my in state where I didn’t feel like playing the WCOOP, but even had the mental capacity to make a good run, an overdue project deadline kept me at work and prevented me from playing in the event.

The shiny point is that with the WCOOP Main Event looming, my W$ from my entry were at a premium. I ended up getting a little over $500 for my entry dollars. At least that puts me up for the month. That should save me for the month from not having 2 months in the red.

Yes, I’m desperately looking for those silver linings at this point. Right now that cloud is based on hopes of me being able to change my role at the company over the next few months.

Today the public library put on some chess club for kids. I think it was a little unorganized since the only ones to show up were us, another girl and the cousins we called right before we went to the “event”. Later on the son of the librarian who organized the event showed up and played me. I make no claims of even being good at chess even though I enjoy it and it was mildly emasculating to be easily handled by a preteen. Fortunately I was saved from any great deal of humiliation due to the fact that he had to go to soccer. We called a draw, but he was really making me think a lot harder than it should have been.

The kids really had fun with it, though, so I hope they keep doing it and that it gets better attendance in the future. It’s a good way for the kids to go out and meet new kids and have some brain stimulating fun too.


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