Oct 26 2007

Mmmm Pie

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Amy: i’m baking you a pie but i have my shoes on-does it still count?
Me: french maid outfit?
Amy: sweats?
Me: crotchless?
Amy: sorry-doesn’t count, huh?
Me: You gotta give me somethen here
Amy: i have nice underwear on?
Amy: and by nice, i mean it doesn’t have any holes in it :)
Me: underneath 4 layers of sweats??? dont’ think that counts
Amy: 2 layers honey-don’t exaggerate
Me: Yes, the romance is dead, and by romance, I mean hotsweatymonkeylove
Amy: but i baked you a pie :(
Me: A crotchless pie?
Amy: yes- i can honestly say it has no crotch whatsoever
Me: well, that’s a start


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  1. Zerbeton 26 Oct 2007 at 1:57 pm

    No news to yous, I expect, but, just to formally acknowledge this:

    You have a keeper there, my friend.


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