Nov 02 2007

October Results

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Another short month in poker terms. I only played about 800 hands at cake and a couple of omaha sessions at FTP. I lost about $6 at ftp, and in those 800 hands at cake, I made about $235 at the tables and only $27 for rakeback and bonus.

Anyway, I played very little but still ended with a profit of almost $260. Not bad for as little as I played. I wish I could post more, but there really wasn’t much that happened.

So lets get down to the bottom line.

stars: $1,398.18
ftp: $669.33
cake: $1758.63

I cashed out half my winning of $130 from Stars leaving me with:
BR: $3,696.14

The only thing of interest I did for the month was I’ve started buying in at the occasional $200 full ring game with the default buyin of $120 at cake. I didn’t get very far with it yet, but I plan on doing it a bit more as long as I keep running well.


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