Nov 02 2007

Bringing in the Haul

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On Wednesday, the kids had fun. We took them out around the neighborhood to enjoy the yearly sugar gathering ritual of begging for candy for the price of entertaining outfits. This year on display, we had:


A lady bug.


A “dead sailor”. Really, it was a pirate costume, but TJ insisted it was a dead sailor. It was his costume, so dead sailor it is.


A real pirate.


And then we get a reappearance from last year, a ninja. Clayton wanted to stick with what works, I guess. He was happy with it, so I didn’t have an issue.

After getting past the anxiety and nervousness that the kids were going though, we finally got out the door and on the trail. TJ and Avery especially were all worried about their costumes. Avery just didn’t want to wear one and TJ was worried about it being perfect. Once they got out the door, though, all anxiety went out the door with it and the excitement of the moment took over. Even Zoe was getting into the act after a few hands saying “Thank You” after leaving each house.

After half the evening, we dropped off the younger two who had become quite spent from the quest of candy, and we also dropped off the older kids’ first haul. Yes, I do mean first.

After dropping off the younger kids, we made way better time and the older two took advantage of that. They gained another bucket full in 1/3 the time that they got with their siblings. So how did they make out? You be the judge.





That was it. They made out pretty well, and even shared. Now for the never ending sugar high that is sure to be going for months to come.



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  1. gadzooks64on 06 Nov 2007 at 3:29 pm

    Nice pics!

    P.S. I’m tagging you with the meme you will read about on my blog! :P

  2. Juson 07 Nov 2007 at 8:40 pm

    Man thems some cute kids, you sure they are yours?

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