Nov 16 2007

Poker News

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted any news on the legal front of online poker. It’s been a while since there has been much that is noteworthy (other than the whole AP debacle). But today, I saw a few news items that seemed to look promising on the front of online poker.

Harrah’s potentially buying Party Poker and a news report of a committee meeting concerning the subject. Both of these pieces of news, while nothing that is really changing anything at the moment, seem to be good for the sake of future developments. If a major casino would have a huge vested interest in online poker other than the added benefit of the gained interest recently, it would be huge giving it a lobbying partner with a voice.

I am glad to hear about the committee meeting too. So many of the committee reports I’ve heard of have revolved around inaccuracies, stereotypes and misconceptions that revolve around the ethically gray area of online poker. How it got this image, is debatable, but the fact that it’s there is all but undeniable.

Hopefully it’s just the start and this helps lay the groundwork for more good legal news to come.


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