Jan 29 2008

2007 Poker Update

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I know I’m a bit late with this, but it’s been a while since I’ve had a poker update. The last update I gave was way back in November.  With all the stuff going on with my computer and just life in general, I kinda fell out of the habit. I also fell out of the habit from playing poker period. That is represented by my results too.

I ended the year alright. In November, I only played about 1700 hands. A little more than I needed to get into my affiliate’s freeroll for the month (1000 raked hands). With bonus, rakeback and profit for the month, I made just over $525. Not bad for the amount I had played, but my whole time at Cake, I did well.

December, wasn’t nearly as well. After my computer crashed at the end of November, I decided to go back to stars for a couple of reasons. First off, stars runs the best on linux for any of the sites using a full client and  not a slimmed down java client. Next was that they had a reload bonus going on, so I did my deposit to have the bonus available. It took me a bit to become accustomed to the not-so-retarded players I found at stars than I would normally see at cake. I didn’t run so well. I don’t have a break down of how I did, but I think I lost almost 2 buyins ($200). I did play a bit at cake, since I was able to get it to run. That included the affiliate freeroll for November. I finished ITM in that tourney for $40 and made another buyin just messing around. My final results for the month were about -$50, but other than the tournament, I only played like 300 hands for the month.

I wasn’t as diligent as I am now at keeping track of my results at the beginning of the year as I was later on in the year, but I know I started with a BR between 2400-2500. Taking my bankroll into consideration with my cashouts that I made throughout the year, I made a profit of just over $2700. Not quite as well as I had done in 2006, but if you count just poker results (I had $1000 from a sportsbook promotion), my results were similar. Just short of $3k. I was hoping to do a lot better than I had the previous year, but the fact is, I played way more in 2006 than I did in 2007.

So now it’s 2008. I would like to get back to playing more often like I had in 2006. I think I can really make a run at making a reasonable supplemental income from my hobby. I’m not off to a good start as I’ve only played  a few hundred hands so far, but I have goals that I would like to accomplish for each month and for the year. They are obtainable, but I need a bit more will power to stay on it. Maybe what I need is a poker sponsor. You know, kinda like addicts have to keep themselves on the wagon? I could use some help staying on the poker wagon. Any volunteers? My wife really wants that new TV.

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