Jan 30 2008

Pukalypse Now

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It seems to be the end of the world. #1, #3 and #4 all have the flu. #3 and #4 have been sick especially over the last few nights throwing up at regular intervals. We are going through our rations of popcicles with astonishing speed. I’m also beginning to become accustomed to the smell of stomach acid.

I’m home helping with the kids today since I wouldn’t be much good at work anyway. I was getting up about every 45 minutes last night to assist with sickly kids (emptying puke buckets and changing pajamas) and am far too tired to have any chance of having anything close to a productive day. Hell, I have trouble keeping focus at work lately even when I am rested.

For their sake, I hope they recover quickly. I have always had trouble dealing with the kids not feeling well.

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