Feb 05 2008

January Poker Update

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I actually wanted to get back into the swing of playing again in January. Problem is that right after the Holidays, it was difficult to find time. But I knew that going into it. I still ended up playing more than I had in December, but only had 500 hands played.


Fortunately, I ran pretty well over the month. In fact, as you can see from the chart, I ran almost 30 ptbb/100 in all. I ended up making almost $120 when it was all said and done (the chart doesn’t show some tournament and omaha results). I actually lost a bit in playing the 100′s but I ran so well at the 50′s, that it more than made up for it.

I played a lot of short sessions. The new Poker Tracker software, shows that I played 10 and was profitable in 8 of them. They were a lot of short sessions though as I only played 4 hours the whole month in ring games.

It’s good to have a stat tracker again though. I haven’t had much in the way of stats since around August. Cake wasn’t compatible with the tracker I was using and then when I switched to linux, I didn’t have a native one that worked. I was about to go through the struggle of getting the old version of PT to work using wine, when I noticed that there was a beta version of the new version available. The new version worked almost flawlessly in wine without any modification.

It will be good to be able to go through hands again as I try and get back into the swing of it. I do have a lot of goals that I would like to meet, and most of them have to do with as much I’m playing rather than how well my results are. If I get back to playing comfortable and a reasonable number of hands, the results will come. Already this month, I’ve played more than I did throughout January, so I’m off to a  good start.

Add on to the fact that I have bonuses running at both Stars and Full Tilt, I expect that I should start the year off well in February. I’m excited and looking forward to it. Hopefully I live up to my expectations. I’ll elaborate a bit later about what my motivation actually is, but I do have some additional motivation to make this my year to really succeed and have my poker game take off.

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