Feb 18 2008


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So what does a couple with 4 kids do on their anniversary? Well, I don’t know how everyone else does it, but we had a nice meal (Thanks again Amy), spent the evening watching a year and a half old kiddie movie from on demand. And then I made a blog post while Amy crashed. Oh yeah. The romance is alive and doing well. :)

Since it was Presidents Day, at least Amy got the day off. Benefits that the daycare parents are either teachers or work for the government.

Since we’ve switched to digital pictures, we haven’t been putting up any new photos on the walls. So I decided to do some playing around with our photos and ended up getting Amy some editing photos to go with the frames I got her for Valentines. Click here to check out the images. I think they turned out pretty well for what was really my first shot at making some B&W digital photos.

Happy Anniversary, Amy. I wouldn’t change anything over the past 12 years.


Well, maybe those new glasses. I’m still trying to get used to those.

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