Feb 26 2008

Crazy Day of Poker

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Yesterday, Amy took the kids to McD’s and then to TaeKwonDo so that I could play some poker. I still needed to get a few more points to finish my goal for the month. She does, after all, still want that TV and I’m gonna make a sincere run at it this year.So I got home, sat down and plugged away for a few hours. I’ve been trying to concentrate on getting my hands in recently and not get to hung up on results. I’ve been at this a while now and I know swings come and go. I think I can beat the games I’m playing and it’s just a matter of having the motivation to put the hands in.

88 minutes and 542 hands later, I was complaining to everyone within IMs reach of what a horrible day I was having. And indeed, it was shaking up to look like one that would measure up to the marks of one of my worst days. Not thee worst, but probably in the top 5 or 6. I left the tables after I had donked off a stack and determined a break was in order. Surely I can find some high point in all that carnage. But no. It was riddled with coolers and FPS (fancy play syndrome).

Check out the chart for yourself. Being in the red for $323 wasn’t something I wanted to mar what had been turning out to be a reasonable month. But as I said, swings have and will happen. I tried to not let that affect me and continued on.


Amy was giving me the opportunity to play, and my goal was to make points, so make points I was gonna do. I played another 35 minute session right before Amy and the kids got home. I was playing well, and although I think I misplayed a hand where I had a monster draw that negated some positive results for the session, I still etched out a measly $3. Wasn’t gonna put a big dent in that early skirmish, but certainly helped my psyche that I could play well enough to not break my entire bankroll, at least.

But that big drop still held firm in the back of my mind eating away at me. I know I will have to sit down and evaluate my play there, but just the fact that it happened, was wearing on me. While it wasn’t by any means the largest I’ve lost in a day, it had been a while since I had lost, what is to me, a significant amount. I let it go, though, and helped the kids to bed, tried to help Amy relax (she had 4 kids at McDs and TKD, afterall) and then after I cleaned up for the evening, sat down for once last stretch to try and reclaim some of the lost money and pride. It’s hard to separate ego from poker.

As demoralizing as that first session was, my last session was every bit of a poker hot streak as I’ve had. For better or for worse, I think that first session was affecting my play and I wasn’t backing down on big hands. Not always the smartest way to play, but I had sound reasoning behind my moves I was making, and in the end, they worked out. My last 24 minutes of poker with the 167 hands blazed by and wiped clean my deficit for the day and scooped $338 from the tables to put me in the black for the day. I don’t know that I’ve ever been so pleased with a $17 profit for what ended up being almost 1000 hands, but pleased I was.


It was a crazy ride, but I’m just happy it ended on a high note. It’s easier to not let those downswings affect you when the last swing was a positive one. I even think the positive variance tastes just a bit sweeter since it wiped out such a horrible swing.

Oh and the TV? I’m a little 10% of the way there. It will take me the better part of the year to do it, but it’s as good of a goal as any.

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