Mar 25 2008


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For the weekend we went to the inlaws. I wasn’t able to setup either my wife’s computer or mine to use my cellphone. I recently updated my wife’s computer to Leopard
(which seems hella tite, BTW) and in doing so lost my previous configuration. It got me thinking (I had time to do that since I wasn’t distracted by the shiny goodness that is the internet) that I probably haven’t had 48 hours away from the internet in roughly 3 years. Possibly more. I don’t know for sure since it likely wasn’t a happy time. You know what I figured out? I don’t want to be 2880+ minutes (I also had time to use the calculator) away from youtube, forums, and of course, porn.

I didn’t deny myself of all technology goodness. Oh no. I at least brought a computer and spent some well earned time doing something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I played around with python and ended up attempting to write a poker evaluation app to deal random hands and figure out the winner. After several hours of sifting through man pages and a pdf copy of Dive into Python I had downloaded, I got the dealing part done. This could have been made less painful with the internet, but I was happy with the results. Verdict is in, and I like python. I know I’m late to the game with that one, but word has it, it’s better late than never. But I didn’t accomplish what I had set out to do. At least not entirely. So I did exactly what I did in high school when I had about 6 hours to write that paper that I was busy spending the previous 3 weeks procrastinating, I went to the internet to copy some one else’s homework find a solution. Low and behold, I found out that I had wasted my time. There is a software package that does exactly what I had set to accomplish. Only better and with more features. FFS even twodimes uses it to calculate it’s odds there.

Sigh. Oh well. So while some people might like to disappear from the face of the internet for days at a time, I certainly am not one of those people. It helps keep me from wasting my time so I can do nothing even more efficiently than I already do.

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