Mar 27 2008

And It Begins… The End

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Last weekend while at the inlaws, we decided that was our point of no return. A decision was to be made of the daycare’s future. Thee decision.

It had been a long time coming. We had always had hopes to some day be without the daycare all along. But it wasn’t in the cards. But now, the decision has been made. All the clients (which were all family) have been told and we are starting down the road to being without the daycare.

It’s a new time for us. Kind of exciting to finally be without the weight of it and a bit scary to be without the additional financial safety net. Actually, the timing happened to work out well as far as that goes. The daycare wasn’t without it’s own financial liabilities. So that being without it helps that. Being a single income family also makes taxes a bit more tolerable. Then we also had some other financial fortunes coming up that should help account for the rest. The daycare didn’t bring in a lot, but it will still be a certain amount of anxiety until we prove to ourselves that all will be well.

We’ve ran the numbers and they show we will be about even financial without the daycare than with, and being without it comes with the benefit of freedom. Freedom for Amy to not be tied down and be able to participate with the children more. Me to not have to commit to helping out with the daycare and finally having my evenings back.

We are hoping the whole family benefits from this. There aren’t a lot of families that can’t get by on one income these days, so we consider ourselves to even have the opportunity. We still have a few more months until D day, but just knowing that the end is in sight is a big relief. More stress, but good stress.


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