Mar 28 2008

Eating Disorders, FTW

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Amy: zoe comes running out of the bathroom, yelling “i put it in the toilet”
Amy: which ofcourse means irunto see WHAT she put in the toilet, and there isnothing there
Amy: she runs in, says “i’ll show you”, and proceeds to pretend to gag into the toilety
Me: so you being pregnant is turning our daughter anorexic?
Amy: bulemic, dear
Me: whatever, I have neither (as evident by my increasing waistline)

Aren’t 2 year olds cute? Well, she’s not quite 2 (her bday is at the end of May), but she’s an overachiever. And yes, I’m willing to admit my complete ignorance when it comes to eating disorders. Other than getting kids to eat certain foods, I haven’t had to worry about that so far with our kids.

And before any of you getting down on me for making light of Amy’s morning sickness, let me just say from past experience, it isn’t going away any time soon (or at least soon enough) so we might as well try and laugh about it.

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