Apr 24 2008

So Who’s Right?

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Amy: Heidi Fleiss to Appear on ‘Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew’
Me: and?
Amy: interesting
Me: howso?
Amy: former prostitute/drug addict rehabbing with has-been actors-how is that not interesting?
Me: it’s not interesting cause it’s expected
Me: if it was like
Me: um, rush lumbaugh, it would be interesting
Me: heidi fleiss sounds pretty standard
Amy: rush limbaugh would be boring
Me: but why would I think some one I would expect to be on the show would be interesting?
Me: doesn’t sound noteworthy to me
Amy: whatever
Amy: she’s not really a celebrity-more like an ex-con
Me: You saw season 1, how many of those were truly “celebrities”?
Me: celebrity is used in the context of “People you may have heard of”
Me: and a baldwin

This could also be subtitled, how to annoy your wife in what started out to be an innocent IM chat. So who’s right? I’m not saying Fleiss wouldn’t make a better personality on the show, although from what I’ve seen of her, she seems pretty subdued, but as for which sounds like more interesting news?

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  1. amyon 25 Apr 2008 at 1:15 pm

    “So who’s right?”

    Me, of course!

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