May 23 2008

Quick Update

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Last day of school was today and the kids are looking forward to the summer. Went by quick and so far this year is as well. I think it’s been a lot to do with how busy we have been. This weekend is no different.

Tonight the kids have a birthday party to go to. Tomorrow we are having Zoe’s birthday party (her birthday is Tuesday). Sunday a friend is getting married. And the holiday I have won’t be much easier as it appears I am likely to be installing a new dishwasher. Tuesday the kids have Taekwondo testing again. They are getting close to their black belt goal and this testing period, they get to start learning swords. I can’t wait. Seriously, every light in the house should be broken come fall.


Good news is, Amy only has but a week or two left of daycare. I don’t know how long for sure, but I know it’s getting close. Bout time, but I’m still pretty anxious about the whole thing.


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