Jun 10 2008

Warning: Gratuitous Parental Pride

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Last week, the wife’s iBook took a big shit and now won’t boot. Yes, I know, I’m a computer guy, but this is a hardware issue and since it’s a laptop, me fixing it will greatly depend on what’s wrong and what replacement parts will cost. I’m hoping it’s just a fan, but we’ll see.

But I digress. So we got my wife a new MacBook since I wasn’t sure if I would be able to fix the old one. If I can fix it, I will just eBay it as upgraded models like I have seem to still be fetching like $350-$400 there, so might recoup some of the cost. Tonight I was playing around with the built in iSight camera and made this video.

Warning: The sheer amount of cuteness in this video may cause uncontrollable bowel movements. You’ve been warned.

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