Jul 13 2008

Weekend Update

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Over the last couple of blustery days, mother nature has turned our yard into a disaster area with wood debris everywhere. Since we have a lot of mature trees around, a certain amount of cleanup is done regularly with us, but this is the result of the last 2 days since we had just cleaned up the yard not too long ago.


We were fortunate to be absent for a good portion of that on Saturday and just kept the kids in for most of it on friday to prevent any accidents. On Saturday we missed it by attending a family reunion which was actually for some milestone anniversary (don’t ask me what it was). But that meant that it was a large group of extended family. Probably 1/3 of the people I could tell you the names of with any amount of accuracy. We aren’t talking 2nd cousins here. We are talking 4th cousins many of which having a level or 2 generations removed.

I actually had this conversation this weekend.

Random Old Lady: We’ve passed each other a couple of times and I don’t believe we’ve met. My name is {Some random name I don’t remember}.

Me: I’m Anthony and I’m Lena’s grandson. (pretty certain everyone there knew my grandmother)

ROL: (nods) I’m the daughter of {Some random guy I had never heard of}.

At this point, I’ve lost any interest I had in the conversation and don’t let on that I know who either her or who father is. There was too much meeting people I don’t know and will never see again for my taste that only care who I am just cause I’m there so they feel they have some sort of commonality with me. I did continue on the with the conversation dance pointing out my children, talking about who other people are that she didn’t know and hadn’t harassed yet. I’m sure you know the drill. I won’t bore you.

The reunion ended today with a picnic that was populated more by people of the 3rd cousin level and less which was a bit better. This time I only had to say “Hi, how are you” for people that I would never attempt to address by using their first name as I had about 0 confidence I would have gotten it right. I at least was able to recognize them and realize that I will continue to see then in random intervals for the remainder of my life and likely would know who to tattle on me if I did something considered to be a family reunion etiquette faux pas.

I did manage to skip out of the first couple of events that were a part of the reunion on Thursday and Friday. Such a play I’m certain allowed me to maintain my sanity for the remainder of the weekend. I was at least able to get away with the line “Oh, I didn’t realize they had that going on” for most of my encounters.

Survive, I did. For the most part, I did so unscathed. I’m done until Thanksgiving.

Rakeback Race Update: 76/100

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  1. amyon 14 Jul 2008 at 7:43 am

    It was a joyous celebration of the 100th Wedding Anniversary of Anna and Gustav Nelson. How come I have to know that and you don’t? :)

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