Oct 17 2008

I Am Neo

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Earlier this week, I browsed one of the promotion emails from Full Tilt planning on just pretending to read it and then clicking the delete button. Every so often they tell about new features and I usually try to check those out just to see what ideas these sites are coming up with. This happened to be one such time.

Full Tilt came out with a new type of SnG called a matrix tournament. Basic premise is 1 entry, 4 concurrent games and an overall leader board over those 4 games. So the pot gets split 5 ways. The thing that appealed to me was the fact that you can play multiple SnGs to the same guys which is definitely innovative. It intrigued me. Compounded by the fact that I kept reading about it around the blogosphere, my interest was definitely piqued.

Wanting to check these out, I stuck up a $5 tourney since I figured they would go a bit quicker, but I really just wanted to get a feel for what these were about. I guess you could say, I did alright. I ended up winning 3 of the 4 tables knocking out 13 of the possible 32 people on the way there.

Zooks railed me and if I don’t disclose this, I’m certain I would hear about it, but yes. I did get pretty lucky there on the end and sucked out a couple of times on my last table to close out the tournament. But before then, I think I played pretty well. Seemed a lot like how I remember the old SnGs back when I started playing them in ’04. I saw a couple of wild, loose players early on that weren’t afraid to put chips in and then the bubble were tables full of really tight players. I really needed that as I was low on chips on a couple of tables and was in fold/push mode picking up a lot of blinds. The one time I did get called, I doubled up in a race.


I’m not sure if it was the 4 tables at once or if I’m just not used to SnGs, but the levels seemed to be quick and I really felt like I was playing in a bunch of turbos. It didn’t take long before I was just pushing to either try pick up the blinds or to push pressure on the shorties. That being said, it still took almost an hour and a half to wrap the whole thing up. Just for that reason, I don’t think I’ll be making these part of my regular reportois, but they were definitely fun. In the future, I will probably play these more, but likely at stakes a bit higher from now on.

Not to be outdone, it looks like Stars has some new tournament scheme too. Double or nothing where half the players double their entry. Both of these games seem to be good ways to lower variance in SnGs and if they gain a lot of curious traffic, might have a better ROI than the normal SnGs for a good player.

Thanks again to Zooks for railing me through the end there. It was a bit diffilcult to chat while playing in 3 heads up matches, but at least I’m glad I had a witness. :)

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  1. gadzooks64on 18 Oct 2008 at 6:18 am

    I can’t vouch for the earlier play but I can definitely say I witnessed some excellent donkitude.


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