Nov 08 2008

Snow Day

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For the first time in over 10 years, yesterday the local schools had a snow day. Even at work, there were a lot of people out and I was in quite a bit later than normal due to a need to shovel out my vehicle. Thanks again to that snow plow who came by just as I almost had it shoveled out to put a nice, compacted roll of snow for me to start all over on. That was awesome and timely.

The kids absolutely enjoyed their unexpected day off though. And it was tremendously timely since with veteran’s day and the teacher’s day off on Monday, it gives them an unplanned 5 day weekend.




Zoe wasn’t so keen on the sudden change in season. She’s still young enough that she probably doesn’t remember much from last winter. the message I got from Amy about her went like this:

Amy: took me half an hour to get all zoe’s stuff on, and then she came back in crying 5 minutes later
Amy: turns out snow is cold

That’s my girl. Hate on that cold. She did get outside today, though, but you could really see she was torn between dealing with the cold and the fun of being outside.

I’m reading reports that we got around 9-10 inches of snow that started Thursday afternoon and blowed around on through Friday morning. That might just be more than we got all last winter. When people hear that I live in North Dakota, the first thing they think of is snow. Truth be told, we don’t usually get a lot of snow, but it sure does get f’n cold.

I really do live in the wrong f’n state.

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