Nov 21 2008

What’s in an Image?

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Despite Zooks’ relentless efforts to find me a new laptop, nothing has caught my fancy and I still haven’t gotten a replacement for my broken laptop. I don’t have a lot of spare change laying around to throw at something that will just be used for email, internet, some poker, porn, and some light development work. Really, the 4 year old laptop I had was able to keep up with my needs very aptly.

Despite my modest requirements, I still couldn’t bear breaking down and snatching up one of the many “good deals” that I have come across or been shown. What keeps coming up on the radar is some inexpensive Acer laptops from newegg.

But really??? Acer? Are you serious?

Why do I not like Acer? I’m not absolutely sure. It’s just been the poor image I have of it. Back in the day, the other clan of geeks I hung around and I associated Acer with the bargain basement products that they seemed to be. Queue up Mr. Green.

So I don’t really have any reason other than my own personal image of them, but I still find myself struggling with thought of actually owning one. Are my issues unfounded delusions of inferiority? It would seem that might be the case. These things seem to be getting reasonable reviews from both users and critics. Especially considering the price.

So here I sit, in a quandary trying to get over a 10 year old image of a product solely based on some, what was most likely, elitist view. Fair? Probably not. But it does go to show how valuable image is and how hard it is to overcome.

Back to my issue at hand, though. Any one have any first hand experience to prove I’m being unreasonable with me valuation of Acer products so that I can just get over this petty issue and get back to getting a new computer back in my hands? I’ve got tons of porn development projects to catch up on.

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  1. mr-potteron 22 Nov 2008 at 12:26 am

    My wife drives an Acer. She seems pretty happy with it.

    The one she has is big and bulky. It seems to handle its arduous life of moving from kitchen counter to knees in front of telly and back again without any obvious premature aging. Rugged it is most definitely not, but looks like it would cope with light to moderate handling.

    Performance is passable, if a bit sluggish – but that may be the Vista. Sometimes power management goes awry and we come back to find that it never went to sleep and the stuff by the exhaust is red hot.

    Like Dell and IBM, they insist on supplying their own configuration software. I guess they think that they can do a better job than Microsoft. I can tell you that they are mistaken.

    My opinion is that Acer would do the job for you but you would be wishing it were something else.

  2. Snow Blind » Self Giftingon 07 Dec 2008 at 6:01 pm

    [...] for just best value I could get in a 15″ monitor. The front runner in that configuration was an Acer. Then fate intervened right when I was about to pull the trigger on that by taking aim at the [...]

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