May 11 2009

Y2K Had Nothing on This

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Some one please come up with a solution. This is worse than Y2K and pandemic swine flus combined.

It started out simple enough. Just a normal conversation with Zooks and escalated into, well, this:

Zooks: your next phone?
Me: well, since it sounds like it “might” be released sometime when I can get a new phone…
Zooks: I was thinking that too :D
Me: I have to wait until July 10
Me: er
Zooks: next year?
Me: that doesn’t work
Me: yeah
Zooks: july ’10
Me: july 2010
Zooks: I have to wait until Jan ’10
Zooks: there’s a new blackberry coming out in July that will be very tempting
Me: looks like I have about 6 months to figure out how I’m gonna refer to next year
Zooks: and a whole year to get it wrong
Me: I should have it ironed out sometime around 15 er, 2015
Zooks: if then
Me: at what point does this work?
Me: I didn’t have an issue in the 90′s
Zooks: after 12, cause then it won’t be confused with a month? or after 31 when it won’t beconfused for a day of hte month?
Zooks: if only we had the euro convention
Me: fuck, I’m gonna be dead before I can do it right
Zooks: yep

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  1. Trump34on 16 May 2009 at 11:02 pm

    This sounds a lot like us trying to figure out how to get to your house before we leave town. It was cool finally getting to meet you and your family. Next time we get out your way we will take more time.

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